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December 8, 2022

Vodafone Romania’s new manifesto: Together we are stronger

  • When the Earth seems to have stopped in place, technology helps us be more united than ever and alleviates the feeling of isolation by keeping people connected
  • Under “Together we are stronger” tagline, Vodafone Romania launches a digital platform facilitating people’s online access to live artistic performances , sports classes, as well as to master classes
  • www.vodafone.ro/impreunamaiputernici platform’s purpose is to both create live content for people staying home and also for supporting artists in this period

“Together we are stronger” is Vodafone Romania’s new manifesto to highlight the company’s belief that through solidarity and joined efforts, people and society can overcome the difficult times we are facing due to the pandemic crisis. When the Earth seems to have stopped in place, technology helps us be more united than ever and alleviates the feeling of isolation, by keeping people connected to each other and to what they love.

“The past weeks have been all about adapting our lives, our favourite activities and hobbies, our ways of working, learning, communicating and even our ways of socializing. Everything is now, more than ever, related to technology and connectivity. Our children are taking online lessons, we have transformed our living rooms in cozy offices and our entertainment and sports classes are available exclusively on streaming platforms. Surprisingly, I feel we can stay even closer to our friends, families and loved ones, although we are each at our home. I am proud of our work at Vodafone even beyond our connectivity taking action to help the elderly by providing to them basic goods for a living with the help of online platforms and volunteers. We also mobilized all our efforts in order to be directly involved in the battle against Covid-19, including providing donations to support the fight here in Romania”, stated Mostafa El Beltagy, Director Consumer Business Unit, Vodafone Romania.

Vodafone Romania is launching www.vodafone.ro/impreunamaiputernici platform which facilitates people’s online access to Live performances: music, theatre plays, sports classes and also masterclasses for personal and professional development (creativity & utility, parenting, storytelling, acting, etc). Beside the possibility of accessing quality content, users will have the opportunity to support communities to get through this pandemic by directly donating to performers of theatre, music and masterclasses acts within the platform.

The curator of the digital platform is Tudor Chirilă and will help the online visitors to remain connected with music and theatre and to support the artists from Romanians homes.

”A few weeks ago I was thinking about what artists, who overnight found themselves unable to practice their profession, can do. I am a member of several groups of independent artists and I was connected to the perfectly justified general concern. Actors, musicians, dancers, visual artists all live out of and within the relationship with their audience and spaces, a relationship which was abruptly suspended. I contacted a few companies to see if they were interested in supporting artists by buying content for their employees. But things seemed difficult to develop and there were many questions with many unknown factors. Then came the idea of the platform Împreună mai puternici (EN: Stronger together) from Vodafone and I thought it was excellent because it involved reconnecting with the public, so I immediately responded to the invitation to join this project. I think that now, more than ever, we are learning that the social role of artists is an indispensable one. And that artists need to be free to continue to portray the world as they see it. And that this diversity of visions can create social balance, especially at a time when the balance is so fragile. Artists create identity, bring joy, annoy, intrigue, revolt, caress, contribute, and their independence is as important as the press’s”, stated Tudor Chirilă, the curator of the digital platform.

Along with Tudor Chirilă, famous artists like Irina Rimes, Byron, Damian Drăghici, The Mono Jacks, Cornel Ilie, Ovidiu Lipan Țăndărică, Alexandra Ușurelu and also independent artists like Jean Gavril, Dragoș Moldovan or Alina Manole will bring into people’s lives a drop of joy and love through live music performances.

Romanians will also be invited to enjoy live theatre performances realised by Florin Piersic Jr., Șerban Pavlu, Dorina Chiriac or Marius Chivu.

The users will also have access to various masterclasses like hairstyling (Sorin Stratula), cooking (Alex Petricean), gaming (Maximilian Ioan) or magic (Marius Drăguș).

Vodafone’s digital platform also helps people to continue to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, by attending online fitness classes that include yoga, cardio & ballet or functional trainings.

All these actors, singers, fitness instructors and professionals will be holding live sessions daily. The visitors of the platform will be able to enjoy the moments they like and will be able to show their support to the performers. The complete schedule of the live performances is available on www.vodafone.ro/impreunamaiputernici.

The platform is supported by a communication campaign that includes a TV commercial filmed remotely, digital campaigns and social media executions.

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