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December 3, 2022

HealthMin Tataru voices hope that no hospital will be taken by surprise by a second wave of epidemic

Health Minister Nelu Tataru voiced his hope that no hospital or public health directorates be taken by surprise and unprepared by a second wave of epidemic and urgent isolation measures be taken regarding the potentially infected persons.

“We will see how we manage the current period and it matters a lot what period we will have autumn to winter. I hope no hospital is caught unprepared, as it happened now, or no public health directorate in terms of managing very quickly a hotspot under construction, at a time when we manage to identify a carrier of the virus, even an asymptomatic one, that can be a transmitter, to isolate him/her, and be able to provide treatment to the one that has symptoms. Then, we can prevent an accelerated spread in the community and we can manage a new episode better than now,” Tataru told at Digi 24 private television station on Tuesday evening.

He explained that the testing capacity of the population would be increased, but the prevention measures should not be replaced.

“In this period, we will increase the testing capacity, we have reached 75 testing points, over 75,000 tests per day. We have the results in 24 hours or on the same day, but we should not lean on these tests alone. A negative test does not certify that in the next two days we will not be positive, a negative test should not take away from us that precaution we must always have. From my point of view, a test must exist according to an investigation or some protocols, a test should not replace hygiene rules (…),” the Health Minister said.

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