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November 29, 2022

President Iohannis: In this epidemic we have obtained notable results so far, peak not reached yet

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Tuesday that, in this epidemic, the authorities together with the doctors and Romanians so far have obtained notable results, mentioning that the peak has not been hit yet.

“A month and a half has passed since the instatement of the state of emergency. It’s more than a month and a half since we’ve lived with this epidemic. (…) After a month and a half we can draw statistical conclusions. In this epidemic, the authorities together with the doctors and Romanians have obtained up to now notable results. Romanians proved they have a sense of civic duty, balance; Romanian society demonstrated maturity,” said Klaus Iohannis in a press conference at the Cotroceni Palace.

He emphasized that certain restrictions will be reduced after May 15.

“We have not reached the peak in Romania and a premature relaxation may destroy all results,” Iohannis said.


Decision not to open schools is based on the fact that distancing cannot be achieved


The decision not to open the schools after May 15 has been taken because the educational institutes in the country do not have the possibility of ensuring the social distancing in the educational units, in order to limit the spreading of the novel coronavirus, President Iohannis stated on Tuesday.

“The decision was based on the fact that, in our schools, distancing cannot be achieved, because there are very many pupils. You know that there are schools where pupils come in shifts, so distancing is impossible to achieve there. After school, the pupils go home and they can bring the disease with them. They may get infected in schools and then bring the disease home, and many of them live with their grandparents, which are a very vulnerable group,” the head of the state told a press conference held at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

He also underscored that the pupils who are supposed to finish an educational cycle this year and are in a special situation will not have the obligation to go to school to prepare for the national exams, but they will have the possibility to go if they want to.

In this respect, the head of state mentioned Italy, which took the same decision, to keep its schools closed.

In this context, the pupils can study online, said the President, and he went on to mention the options available for those who do not have this possibility yet.

The Ministry can find solutions for these pupils until September, added the President. He also said guidelines are needed for online teaching.

Iohannis explained the law allows parents to stay home if schools are closed.


It would seem unfair for pensioners to foot the entire bill of the epidemic


President Klaus Iohannis stated, on Tuesday, in regards to the increase of pensions in September by 40 pct, that it is a matter which must be analyzed very carefully by the government, showing that they must take into account the fact that pensioners are most often a disadvantaged category.

“It’s a matter that must be analyzed carefully by the Government and when we have enough data, probably at the midpoint of the year for the budget revision then, the Government will have to make a decision because after the midpoint of the year things must be very well clarified, but I want to say another matter which concerns me – it would seem unfair for pensioners to foot the entire bill of the epidemic. I will have the request of the Government that when the analysis is done it’s an analysis that takes into account the fact that pensioners are not only a vulnerable category, but they are often times a disadvantaged one. If it will be possible or not or how much will be possible is a question that at the opportune time the Government will have to answer,” said the head of state, in a press conference at the Cotroceni Palace.

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