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December 1, 2022

PM Orban urges the population to obey the lockdown rules on May 1 , as they did on Easter

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban on Thursday urged the public to obey the lockdown rules on May 1 holiday, as they did on Easter, when everything was seen in order because there was no increase in the number of infections with the novel coronavirus.

“I am convinced that people will be responsible, as they were on Easter, on other occasions, on Sundays, holidays, that they will follow the rules and that, if they go out, they will do so by avoiding additional risk of spreading the virus. I can tell you, for example, that you know that there were a lot of emotions related to the Easter holiday; we are already 10 days later now, and it can be said that everything was fine for Easter, there is no increase in the number of infections (…) In the end, co-operation between the Church and the authorities eventually led to the almost complete elimination of any epidemiological risk. On May 1, people will probably want to go out more, but they have to follow the rules that are in place,” Orban said in Iasi as he  attended a departure ceremony to Moldova of a medical team of 42 doctors and nurses to help treating people with COVID-19.


In the first phase we are to lift restrictions that pose the smallest risk


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban has stated that, after May 15, the authorities will lift “those restrictions that pose the smallest epidemiological risk,” and that the entire process will be gradual.

“Everybody awaits answers that we cannot yet give. In the first phase, we will lift those restrictions that pose the smallest epidemiological risk, while the entire process will be gradual. We will wait for a period of time, let’s say 14-15 days, to see what are the effects in terms of the dissemination or spreading of the virus, after which, of course, we will take new measures. Moreover, we must also prepare protection measures because, if we reopen restaurants, we need to establish certain rules the owners will have to adapt to, and the same in the case of possible… nurseries, kindergartens,” said Orban on Thursday, when asked if kindergartens and nurseries reopen this year.

The Prime Minister underscored that he is open to communication and that he directly communicated with “very many citizens” who approach him directly, either through “messages, e-mails or even by calling him on the phone.”

“I know that we have a problem with the children, for instance in the case of the single-parent families because, even if they benefit from the provisions of Law 19, which says they are entitled to receive a payment worth 75 per cent of their salary, many mothers and fathers face the risk of losing their jobs if they stay home while the employer asks them to come to work, which means that we need to find a modality to take care of the children, besides this money that we already provide under Law 19, which supplements our ordinance,” said Orban.

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