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December 8, 2022

GCS: Total number of cases of novel coronavirus infections in Romania reaches 14,499

A number of 392 new cases of people infected with the new coronavirus have been registered in Romania since the last update, the total number of cases thus reaching 14,499, the Strategic Communication Group (GCS) announced on Thursday.

Of the people who tested positive, 6,144 were declared cured and discharged from hospital.

A number of 234 patients are admitted to intensive care units.

So far, 876 people diagnosed with COVID-19 have died.

Most cases of people infected with the new coronavirus have been registered so far in Suceava – 3,111 and Bucharest – 1,429.


14,142 people under institutional quarantine, 20,841 – in home isolation


A total of 14,142 people are placed under institutional quarantine in Romania, and another 20,841 are in isolation at home, under medical monitoring, the Strategic Communication Group (GCS) informs on Thursday.

According to the cited source, a number of 2,266 people who broke the self-isolation rules have been placed under institutional quarantine since the coming into force of Military Ordinance No. 2.

Also, 191 quarantined persons who illegally left their designated residences have been ordered a new 14-day quarantine period.

As many as 226,613 coronavirus tests have been processed nationwide to this date.

There have been 504 calls to the single emergency number 112 in the past 24 hours and 1,406 to the 0800 800 358 toll-free citizens’ support line.


2,419 Romanians abroad confirmed with novel coronavirus; number of deaths in diaspora remains 96


The Strategic Communication Group (GCS) informed on Thursday that 2,419 Romanians abroad were confirmed as being infected with the novel coronavirus, and the number of deaths of Romanian citizens abroad, due to COVID-19, remains at 96.

Of the 2,419 Romanian citizens confirmed as infected with SARS-CoV-2, 1,387 are in Italy, 560 in Spain, 29 in France, 304 in Germany, 79 in the United Kingdom, 28 in the Netherlands, 2 in Namibia, 3 in the United States, 4 in Austria, 3 in Belgium, 6 in Japan, 2 in Indonesia, 2 in Switzerland, 2 in Turkey and one each in Argentina, Tunisia, Ireland, Luxembourg, the United Arab Emirates, Malta, Brazil, and Sweden.

GCS shows that, since the beginning of the pandemic and up to this time, 96 Romanian citizens abroad have died: 29 in Italy, 19 in France, 30 in the United Kingdom, 8 in Spain, 5 in Germany, 2 in Belgium, one in Sweden, one in Switzerland and one in the USA.

Of the Romanian citizens confirmed with the novel coronavirus, 21 were declared cured: 9 in Germany, 8 in France, 2 in Indonesia, one in Luxembourg and one in Tunisia.

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