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December 9, 2022

PM Orban about map posted by his Hungarian counterpart: The sparrow dreams of cornmeal

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, when asked how he comments on the fact that the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, posted on Facebook an image of greater Hungary, which included Transylvania, stated that “the sparrow dreams of cornmeal” (e.n. – Part of a Romanian proverb,”the sparrow dreams of cornmeal, and the madman of chaos” in full).

On the other hand, when asked what he believes of the point of view of People’s Movement Party (PMP) deputy Marius Pascan, who asked for “placing UDMR [Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania] outside the law”, Ludovic Orban said that he does not support such measures.

“The National Liberal Party is a party that supports freedom of association. This does not mean that we will ever support anticonstitutional draft laws that affect the unity, indivisibility, the provisions of the Constitution. (…) Romania is one of the countries that ensure the broadest rights for national minorities, fact appreciated both at the European level, as well as the international level and I don’t believe such drafts are necessary [e.n. – abolishing the UDMR],” said Orban during a press conference at the Military Technical Academy, according to Agerpres.

The UDMR’s leader, Kelemen Hunor also wrote, on Wednesday, on his Facebook page.

“‘How can someone come in 2014, and state in front of the electorate, in the public space, that someone wants to break up Transylvania?! (…) These are not political statements, these are imbecilities!’ These are the words that Klaus Iohannis said in 2014 in a TV broadcast. (…) Last week, President Klaus Iohannis, through a two and a half minute statement, managed to destroy the idea of rational political dialogue, to mock the Hungarian language, and managed to stigmatize the Hungarian community in Romania. Two days ago, on Monday, the President launched a new accusation. The first man in the state claimed the UDMR promoted a law and is preparing a new blow by writing up a parallel administrative code, he claimed that we want to impose the Hungarian language in Transylvania as an official language and that our desiderata are against the Constitution. It is not true, it is false, it’s a conspiracy theory, it’s fake news, it’s instigating hatred, it’s nationalism and it’s clean xenophobia,” said Kelemen Hunor in a message posted on Facebook.

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