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January 28, 2023

HealthMin Tataru concerned about the increase of number of infections after lockdown will be eased

Health Minister Nelu Tataru says that he is worried about the moment of coronavirus lockdown being eased because the danger of infection is just as great, “and maybe greater in the first days after relaxation.”

“I am concerned about the moment of relaxation, the moment when we will have a resumption of the inflow of people from one area to another, an interaction and maybe a resurgence of local transmission. But I still remain optimistic given that I consider that the precautions have been understood, physical distancing has been understood, face mask in enclosed spaces has been understood, the hygiene rules has been understood and so let’s hope that we also have a result that does not call for other restrictions. (…) We could not have managed this pandemic if we had not imposed some restrictions, we could not have stopped outbreaks in Tandarei, in Suceava had we not imposed quarantine, we could not have stopped outbreaks in Focsani, in Suceava, in Deva if had not imposed some rules, even if they were military, but there comes a moment when we have to realise that we have gone through something special, and the fact that we are afloat does not mean that we cannot fall to the bottom,” Tataru told Digi24 private broadcaster on Monday evening.

He added that the number of new cases is expected to decrease in the next five to six days, but these days coincide with the first days of relaxation and caution must continue.

“Last week I was saying that coronavirus cases were increasing in Bulgaria. Romania, Sweden, Poland and the UK are on that plateau – some of these countries for four weeks. Something is not letting this number of cases go down; whether we talk about cases in care homes, cases of people caring for these elderly people, or cases of medical staff, there is still a transmission there, plus we had to manage the Easter period and the period of May 1-3. I am expecting in the next five to six days a declining number of new cases, but these five to six days coincide with the first days of relaxation, and since we were afraid or cautious on Easter, May 1-3, we are still cautious now. The danger is just as great, and in the first days after relaxation, maybe even greater,” said Tataru.

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