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August 17, 2022

About 200 people protested in Victoria Square against Gov’t measures to manage the COVID-19 pandemic. Arafat: Such actions put society at risk

About 200 people have protested  on Friday in Victoria Square (government seat, ed. n.) in Bucharest against the measures adopted by the Government to manage the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the spokesman of the Capital Gendarmerie, Alexandru Iacob, the public assembly is illegal, but the Gendarmerie is trying to handle the situation without any incidents.

“We have made a number of recommendations for people attending the public assembly, through the personal example of the gendarmes, who are wearing masks and protective gloves. We are trying to have a dialogue with the participants in the public assembly from a safe distance,” Alexandru Iacob told AGERPRES.

He specified that the measures are being progressively enforced, and the leader of the action will decide if a more drastic measure is needed, but one thing that the Gendarmerie does not want is the physical contact with the participants.


DSU’s Arafat: Such actions put society at risk


The head of the Emergency Situations Department (DSU), Secretary of State in the Ministry of the Interior Raed Arafat, said on Friday evening that actions such as the on-going 200-strong protest in Victoriei Square, in front of the government’s headquarters, “put society at risk”.

“Such protests also popped up in Germany and elsewhere. The people went by social networks, manipulation and misinformation, by those who claim that they can prove this is a global conspiracy and that there is no virus. Unfortunately, the news of the day is that the virus exists, that it is dangerous, and that if we play with this situation, things will backfire,” Arafat told radio Europa FM.

He said he doesn’t wish anyone to become infected with COVID-19 and get to experience the disease on their own skin.

“Or that someone close to them falls ill. Only then will they understand that this is not a joke. They do it because everyone feels protected and healthy. Why do we want to test our resilience to the breaking point and then see that we are screwed?,” commented Arafat.

Photo source: Facebook

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