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December 5, 2022

ALDE draws up draft law regarding obligation of the Government and President to present Parliament report on coronavirus crisis management

The chairman of the Alliance of Democrats and Liberals (ALDE), Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, wrote a letter to the leaders of all parliamentary parties, requesting their support in view of debating in emergency procedure a draft decision regarding the obligation of the Government and President to present information on the way in which the crisis generated by the coronavirus epidemic was managed.

“ALDE believes that a state of emergency cannot justify the infringement of individual rights and liberties of Romanians, without them being informed and able to attack these decisions. As it is the first time when the state of emergency was instituted in Romania, it’s necessary to see how the authorities acted, what preventive measures were taken before the institution of the state of emergency and we will all draw conclusions from the way in which this exceptional situation was managed. I believe it’s important to ensure that, beyond the limitations we’ve suffered, there were no slippages from the democratic rules that must remain valid even in an exceptional state. The rule of law is not suspended during the state of emergency. Mr. Chairmen, I hope the experts of the parties that you lead will bring their contribution to the draft law proposed by us and it will be forwarded in due time to Parliament in order to be debated and approved in emergency procedure,” the document signed by Calin Popescu Tariceanu shows.

The draft law drawn up by ALDE experts regard the obligation of the authorities to present information, both to Parliament, and to Romanians, on the way in which the crisis generated by the coronavirus epidemic was managed, what kind of action was taken, as well as what rights and liberties were limited during the state of emergency.

“The right to life, and implicitly, the right to healthcare are rights enshrined in the Constitution of Romania, but their protection, following the declaration of a state of emergency, must not constitute an opportunity for abuse in regards to the other fundamental rights, and limiting such fundamental rights, even temporarily, must be very well justified. The draft regards the obligation of the Romanian President and of the Prime Minister to present in the plenum of the Parliament a report each on the way in which they acted, before and throughout the entire state of emergency in order to counteract the effects of the crisis generated by the coronavirus epidemic,” the ALDE leader mentions.

He added that this draft law also provides for the obligation to inform Romanians “regarding what rights were limited, who ordered it, the reason and for how long have they applied” these measures.

“By limiting rights and freedoms we understand freedom of circulation, the sanctity of the home, of private life, the secret nature of correspondence, etc., which were suspended on the basis of the Decree regarding the institution of the state of emergency on Romanian territory and of the military ordinances. In the context of the current legislation, the measures to limit some rights during the state of emergency are not explained after its conclusion. The Parliament, as the supreme legislative authority and guarantor of democracy, which exercises the function to control the Executive, is entitled to receive the explanation of the Government regarding the measures adopted, especially in what regards the limiting of rights, as are the persons affected by the measures with individual character entitled to receive explanations,” added the ALDE leader.

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