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December 1, 2022

Gov’t approves decision establishing state of alert for 30 days

The Government approved on Monday the decision regarding the establishment of the state of alert, in accordance with the provisions of Law 55/2020.

According to the draft decision, the state of alert is established throughout the country, starting with May 18, for a period of 30 days.

At the beginning of the Government meeting, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban detailed the content of the decision on the state of alert.

“After an analysis of the situation from a legislative point of view, we have organized this Government meeting to take the decision establishing the state of alert in accordance with the provisions of Law 55 which comes into force from today [Monday, ed. n.]. As you well know, there is the previous basis established by Ordinance 21, instead, after the entry into force of the law, in order to avoid any comments, or polemic regarding the state of alert, so that things are clear and that we do not have many disputes and polemics, the decision to establish the state of alert by decision of the Government in accordance with the provisions of the law is the decision that we have adopted,” said Ludovic Orban, in the government sitting.

He stated that prior to the Executive meeting he had convened a meeting of the National Committee for Emergency Situations, because “(…) several measures that are included in the Government decision related to the alert state must be adopted on the proposal of the CNSU”.

“And, in order to completely have all the legal procedures in place and complied with, we used Decision No. 25 of the National Committee for Emergency Situations as the basis for the Government decision. With the adoption of the Government decision, we continue, in practice, the state of alert that was established by decision of the National Committee for Emergency Situations, but, to use a vivid expression, we move from a state of alert to a state of maximum alert, because the law gives us all the levers and tools to be able to ensure compliance with the measures, the rules that are established to defend the health and life of the people,” Orban stressed.

The Prime Minister added that the decision on the state of alert will be sent to Parliament for approval.

“The Government decision contains three annexes, as provided by law: Annex 1- Measures to increase the response capacity; Annex 2 – Measures to ensure the resilience of communities and Annex 3 – Measures to reduce the impact of the type of risk. Once adopted, the Government Decision will be sent to Parliament for approval on the state of alert and all the measures in place within the state of alert,” the prime minister explained.

Last but not least, he called for “maximum mobilization” from the authorities in the coming period.

He added that with the approval of the decision, by law, the Government has at its disposal “all necessary legal instruments, including fines.”


PM Orban stupefied to see people who balked at fines now bashing Gov’t for absence of sanctions


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said on Monday that he was “stupefied” to see that the same people who slammed the authorities for imposing fines during the state of emergency are now unhappy that no sanctions have been applied after the start of the state of alert.

“Following the adoption of this government decision, based on the law, we now have all the necessary legal instruments at hand, fines included. I can’t help remarking as a side note that I was stupefied to see that people who slammed us for having handed down fines are now bashing us for the absence of fines. That’s some flip-flopping. The fines are a tool by which those who don’t obey the law can be determined to behave correctly. Because a correct behavior by each citizen contributes to public health and protects the people who act correctly, who respect the law and the rules, from the risk of infection. From my point of view, as long as it’s obvious that this virus poses a major risk, particularly for people with vulnerabilities or underlying diseases, including for their life, any behavior that is not correct and that can lead to the infection of our fellow citizens must be penalized,” Orban said at the beginning of the government’s meeting.

He stressed that sanctioning undisciplined behavior is normal and reasonable, because Romania is governed by “democracy, not by anarchy,” and democracy works for the benefit of those who abide by the law and the rules.

Orban also pointed out that 98 percent of the Romanians are law-abiding citizens who contribute to keeping the epidemic under control and that the better the spread of the virus is kept under control, the higher the chance to return to normalcy.

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