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November 30, 2022

Modular Hospital 1 Elias was connected to a Linde tank with a capacity of 20,000 liters

Linde Gaz, one of the most important suppliers of industrial and medicinal gases in Romania, recently put into operation the medical oxygen supply installation of the Modular Hospital 1 Elias. It will be used to treat critically ill patients even after the COVID crisis has been overcome 19.

The adaptation of the infrastructure of Elias Hospital for the treatment of patients with COVID-19 also involved a tripling of the existing oxygen storage capacity. The new tank with a capacity of 20,000 liters allows the supply of Elias Hospital and Modular Hospital 1 Elias at optimal parameters of flow, pressure and quality. The installation of the tank required the creation of a new location and the adaptation of the distribution systems. The Modular Hospital also has, for the first time, mobile ramps for medical gases, which offer extra flexibility in treating patients who need ventilation support or oxygen therapy.

“The entire Linde team has been working continuously to complete this complex project on time, with very short lead times and difficulties in importing equipment from EU countries. The experience of colleagues from other countries for the design of the installation helped us. We are glad that we are part of this project, the oxygen supply being essential, moreover in the current context “, said Iulia Oprea, Head of Healthcare Linde Gaz Romania.

“Modular Hospital 1 Elias is designed on three modules for coronavirus patients, in different stages: tested and unconfirmed patients, less serious cases and critical cases, in an ICU module. The space was provided from the beginning with a medical gas installation for the 38 beds to accommodate, at any time, a larger number of patients. We want it to function as an ICU outpatient department, to protect the other patients admitted to Elias Hospital from the risk of infection “, said Oana Gheorghiu, founding member of the Give Life (Dăruiește Viață) Association.

Oxygen therapy is the most widely used therapy globally, with a vital role in treating respiratory diseases. Patients with moderate and severe forms of COVID 19 may receive a medical indication for oxygen therapy.

“It is important that intensive care units, operating rooms or patient rooms have continuity in oxygen supply and there is a consistency of parameters. Recently, hospitals have been additionally equipped with ventilators or hyperbaric chambers. In many cases, it will be necessary to adapt the entire gas supply installation,” added Iulia Oprea.

The Modular Hospital project in the courtyard of Elias Hospital can be easily replicated, helping to increase patients’ access to appropriate treatment throughout the country. Linde Gaz Romania is prepared to be involved in similar projects.

The sizing and choice of medical oxygen storage and distribution systems takes into account the total number of beds, the number of beds in the intensive care units and the number of surgery rooms. Cryogenic liquefied medical oxygen storage tanks are the most efficient supply solution for medium and large hospitals, provided that the location of these tanks complies with the technical conditions of installation.

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