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August 15, 2022

A new investment of 100,000 euros attracted by the Romanian startup Gumzzz, a search engine for the global dental industry

  • 200,000 euros attracted so far as investments by Gumzzz, an online platform that offers booking and financing services in the dental industry for its users;
  • Gumzzz provides a live chat channel between patients and clinics’ personnel to optimize communication;
  • Patients can purchase vouchers for medical services that they can use in the next period, thus also supporting the dental offices within the platform that could not function during this period.

The search engine for the global dental industry developed by the startup Gumzzz from Cluj has attracted, in less than two months since it became available online, another investment of 100,000 euros from a medical entrepreneur. At the end of March, Gumzzz announced the first investment of 100,000 euros made by angel investor Stelian Bogza, co-founder of BenefitOnline. The second investor is Cristian Petri, the founder of Oral Design Lab & Clinic. The Gumzzz platform is now valued at over two million euros. For this year, the company is preparing a final round of seed investment, estimating that at the beginning of 2021 to raise a round of Series A.

“The reasons why I chose to invest in this project are that I found in it many of the missing elements in the dental services market. Gumzzz can offer all patients and doctors a complete package of services for the patient and a common online platform for patients and dental offices online. Last but not least, it ensures the connection of millions of users, thus offering the possibility for any dental office or clinic to develop and attract clients who are not necessarily from the same geographical area”, said angel investor Cristian Petri.

During the pre-launch of the platform, Gumzzz registered over 1500 users from all over the country, interested in scheduling their next visit to a dentist, through it.

Gumzzz addresses both patients and offices, respectively dental clinics, focusing on improving the selection process of medical services, but also on providing solutions on dental health insurance and financing for patients, facilities that the platform intends to introduce in the next period.

“One of the advantages of Gumzzz is that it virtualizes the interactions between the patient and the clinic that do not involve physical presence, and this facility models how the medical acts will be carried out from now on. We have a live chat with the help of which both the logistical details related to the appointments are established, but documents such as a person’s medical history or an x-ray can also be sent beforehand. Thus, when the patient arrives at the clinic, the doctor who will treat the case will be prepared to address that specific case”, says Vlad Șuteu, CEO and co-founder of Gumzzz.

Starting May 11, people who want to schedule a dental work at one of the clinics listed on www.gumzzz.com can create a free account to select the most relevant offer for them, based on reviews made by other people. Platform users have transparent access to the prices of dental procedures and treatments.

Currently, 27 dental clinics are listed from 13 cities in Romania: Arad, Baia Mare, Bucharest, Cisnadie, Constanta, Craiova, Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca, Iași, Oradea, Sighetul Marmației, Turda and Zalău.

“From an entrepreneurial perspective, as some businesses such as cafes and small businesses have resorted to vouchers to stay alive during this period, in our turn, we introduced this option because dental offices and clinics were unable to operate,” the co-founder of Gumzzz added.

Currently, users can buy vouchers at the dental units on the platform, with which they can then pay for the desired procedures or pay with the card for booking the consultation, under certain conditions. The voucher system was designed to ensure a revenue flow for partner clinics during the state of emergency and alert, but also to allow patients to stagger the costs they anticipate they will have for dental services, bearing in advance part of them. These vouchers are valid for 6 to 12 months, depending on their value. Gumzzz also offers promotional vouchers to those who sign up on the platform during this period.

Also, Gumzzz provides users with relevant information about the transport options and accommodation facilities in the city where the chosen clinic is located, plus the tourist attractions in the area. Thus, the platform also includes the medical tourism component, and the patient has control over medical services, accommodation, and transport.



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