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December 7, 2022

Alerts Made Easy, real-time alert for crisis situations: Solution for the US market, developed with Romanian technology, in partnership with Plant an App

Plant an App develops an useful technological solution for crisis situations, used to consolidate the functionality of the Alerts Made Easy service, through which users receive real-time alerts.

This communication platform was built for the private sector and targets companies in the United States, so that they can send vital messages quickly and efficiently. Plant an App is a partner in the development of the platform, to help this solution to be scaled and adapted to customer needs.


Throughout this medical crisis it became obvious that technology can be an enormous help to us, starting from the way we socialize and inform ourselves, and going all the way to working habits. From now on, tech solutions will take an even more important place in everyone’s lives. In this context, the partnership between Plant an App and Alerts Made Easy is a step forward: to provide the necessary tools in case of extreme situations.

The collaboration of the two companies involves providing the end customer with a mass-communication system that can be adapted to the specific needs of the moment and that proves itself crucial in times of crisis, when the message has to arrive to a large number of people. Moreover, the solution also addresses the public sector, to which it offers an extremely easy-to-use and efficient tool.

”The partnership with Alerts Made Easy started when I met its founder, Mark Roberts, when we instantly realized that together we can make a significant difference in the lives of the users. Our companies are guided by a precise set of values and we are interested in delivering to the end customers the necessary product, in the shortest possible time and with the highest degree of quality.

We can see very clearly in this period why fast, efficient and accurate communication is so important and the success of such a solution is consolidated by its capacity to be customized. Here, Plant an App’s expertise and low-code technology is combined with the Alerts Made Easy infrastructure. We can provide them with the necessary speed when it comes to implementing and adapting the platform’s changes, and they can make sure that they reach all the companies (but not limited to), which are in need of such a solution”, said Bogdan Lițescu, founder Plant an App.

Players within the manufacturing industries, commercial centres, event organizers, residential complex administrators, local administrations or schools and nurseries are just some examples on  which the Alerts Made Easy solution is used with great success. On average, an alert can be written and sent in less than 30 seconds to a specific group of contacts, through various channels such as SMS, email, Slack or other digital channels, with the help of API integrations. The final message that reaches the user can be accompanied by attachments in any format and can contain up to 500 characters.

To support this ecosystem and the accelerated growth of the platform, Plant an App can provide the necessary software functionality in a record time of hours or days, compared to the average of at least two weeks that other companies currently need.


About Plant an App


Plant an App is a low-code development platform that helps companies around the world build faster business applications and accelerate their digital transformation.

The Plant an App approach means that the time required to create and launch software solutions is shorter.

In addition to the characteristic low-code features, Plant an App comes with over 20 modules (API Builder, Form Builder, Advanced Search Engine, etc.. ), dozens of integrations and over 200 reusable and highly configurable actions. More details are available on the company’s website or you can check out this short video presentation of the platform.



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