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August 10, 2022

Bucharest City Halls start population testing program to establish the degree of immunization

Bucharest general mayor Gabriela Firea and the six district mayors started on Monday the second population testing program, meant to establish the degree of immunization regarding the infection with the new coronavirus.

The tests are carried out at the National Arena, and the interpretation of the test results takes 15 minutes.

General mayor Gabriela Firea specified that the project involves the testing of 10,500 Bucharest residents, “selected in a representative sample” by the specialists from the National Institute of Public Health.

“We will all find out how the virus spread in the largest community in the country and what the degree of natural immunization of the Romanian Capital population is. At the National Arena, six testing areas have been set up in the VIP area, which will have five actual areas, with medical staff from ASSMB, each area corresponding to the persons selected in the sample, for each district. Starting today, the selected persons will receive letters from the Capital City Hall and the six district city halls. Each person can either accept the test or not. It is not mandatory, but we believe it is necessary. First of all, it is not invasive, it is not painful. It is a simple drop of blood from the finger tip,” said the general mayor, according to Agerpres.

Gabriela Firea stated that the test results will be transmitted to the national authorities. The persons selected for the sample will be informed by letter.

“They will have a telephone number at their disposal, a call center, where they will announce that they want to be tested and an appointment will be made, so that no more than 1,500 people come every day, here, at the Arena. The schedule is from Monday to Sunday, included, from eight in the morning until eight in the evening. We are trying as much as possible – and we will certainly succeed – to avoid congestion. We should also maintain the physical and social distancing so as not to put in danger either the medical staff, or the people who come to be tested,” mentioned Gabriela Firea.

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