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Diplomatic tensions between Romania and the R. of Moldova following PM Chicu’s recent statements

MAE labels Moldovan PM’s recent statements about Romania as “absolutely unacceptable”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has labelled as “absolutely unacceptable” the recent statements made by the Moldovan Prime Minister, Ion Chicu, about Romania, on Friday, on a social network.

“The denigrating statements about Romania posted today, May 22, 2020, on a social network, by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Mr Ion Chicu, the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs are absolutely unacceptable,” reads a release of MAE on Friday.

According to the MAE, the statements made by PM Ion Chicu are “as more inadequate” as, in the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, Romania has offered substantial support to the Republic of Moldova, proving its solidarity with the citizens of the Republic of Moldova during a very difficult period.

MAE said the respective statements showed “a deep lack of respect” to Romania and the privileged bilateral relation of Strategic Partnership for the European Integration of the Republic of Moldova.

“MAE highlighted that the implementation of the reforms under the Association Agreement with the European Union should not be an obligation for the Republic of Moldova, but the guarantee of prosperity for its citizens. The welfare of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova cannot be ensured through public statements using such primitive language, but only through efforts made to build a rule of law state with democratic institutions. As we proved including during this time, Romania will continue to be a support pillar for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova in the future,” said the same release.

The Ministry also said these aspects were brought to the knowledge of the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to Bucharest, who was called by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bogdan Aurescu, to the headquarters of the Ministry, for a discussion with the Secretary of State Dan Neculaescu.

Minister Aurescu also had a phone conversation on the same topic with its counterpart in Chisinau.

The Moldovan PM on Friday denied the criticisms brought by a Romanian MEP to the manner in which Moldova manages the current coronavirus crisis, and he criticized Romania in his turn.

In his reply, Ion Chicu said Romania is the most corrupt country in Europe and that Suceava only has “half of the number of COVID-9 infections in the entire” Republic of Moldova.


President of the Republic of Moldova reacts to statements made by Siegfried Muresan, Ion Chicu


The President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, reacted on Saturday to the scandal caused by an acid post of Moldovan Prime Minister Ion Chicu targeting Romanian MEP Siegfried Muresan, which post attracted a series of harsh official reactions from Bucharest authorities, says Unimedia.info.

Igor Dodon showed concern in relation to the attempt of “some to damage the foreign relations of the Republic of Moldova” with some partners, but also criticized, in his turn, the statements made periodically by MEPs against the government in Chisinau.

“In the past couple of days, several statements have been made that could unduly affect the good relations and strategic partnership that the Republic of Moldova has with various external partners and especially with Romania and the Russian Federation. My position has remained unchanged and consistent – I plead for a balanced foreign policy, mutually beneficial relations with both the East and the West, in which our national interest and good relations with foreign strategic partners are at the forefront,” President Dodon wrote on his official Facebook page.

At the same time, Igor Dodon criticized the statements made by some MEPs, who would intentionally denigrate the Republic of Moldova and its institutions.

“I note with concern the provocative manner in which the Republic of Moldova and its institutions are being denigrated by some MEPs, who in recent years appear to be rather members of opposition parties in the Republic of Moldova and have a partisan approach to the interests of our citizens, as they often create tensions and distort the realities of our country,” he also mentioned in the post.

“The Republic of Moldova benefits from generous support from its external partners, this was also seen during the pandemic crisis we are going through, for which we are fully grateful. That is what really remains important in our relationship,” added Igor Dodon.

The Democratic Party (PD), which is part of the ruling coalition in Chisinau, has expressed its disagreement with the “biased and disrespectful” way in which MEP Siegfried Muresan gives appreciation to the governments of the Republic of Moldova, Unimedia.info also noted. The categorical formulations on “the failure of Covid crisis management and the failure of reforms” are superficial and untrue, Democrats say. However, PD also dissociated itself from the language used by Moldovan PM Ion Chicu in his post on Facebook.

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