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May 24, 2022

IntMin Vela at the debate of the simple motion against him: Measures during pandemic of novel coronavirus, although restrictive, are correct

All the measures in the period of the novel coronavirus pandemic, although restrictive, were correct and were taken to protect the health of the population, said, on Tuesday, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Marcel Vela, at the debate of the simple motion against him submitted to the Senate.

“We started from the same situation as countries like Spain, Italy, France, Belgium or the United Kingdom, which today record tragic figures compared to those in Romania. What it proves to us – and it should prove to you too – that the measures, although restrictive, were correct and were taken to protect the health of the population,” said Vela.

“While Romania records 930 cases of persons infected per million of inhabitants, Spain records 6,000, France – over 2,700, Belgium – over 4,900, Italy – over 3,800 and the United Kingdom – nearly 4,000. (…) These figures are revealing, not motives, discussions, words, phrases, sentences in one motion or another. These figures show that we have taken the best measures. They represent the reality which cannot be contested by any adviser on your staff who’s formulating these texts for motions,” Vela also said.

The Internal Affairs Minister added that any demarche that leads to less people infected, to less deaths and to more persons healed is a gain for everyone, regardless of their left-wing or right-wing orientation.

“Please relay to the specialist that wrote this motion he should make an exercise of imagination and let us know how this statistic would look like with Viorica Vasilica Dancila as Prime Minister of the Romanian Government,” Vela stated, according to Agerpres.


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