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October 6, 2022

Nordis Group obtains the GREEN Homes pre-certification for Nordis Mamaia 5*****

All the other ensembles in the developer’s portfolio are following



Nordis Group, a real estate developer specialized in the construction of luxury real estates, obtained the pre-certification of GREEN Homes for the Nordis Mamaia 5***** project, a mixed complex, consisting of a 5-star hotel and residential apartments in the northern part of Mamaia resort. The GREEN Homes certification, given by Romania Green Building Council, certifies the implementation of sustainable measures and solutions and the achievement of a superior level of sustainability.


Therefore, Nordis Mamaia 5***** obtained the pre-certification of GREEN Homes by attributing and meeting the criteria and objectives of energetic performance and environmental responsibility, related to this stage. One of the most important aspects refers to the fact that by choosing the place where the Nordis Mamaia 5***** ensemble is built, a disused industrial land is revitalized and thus it has a positive impact on the entire community.

The chosen design for the construction and the type of used materials takes into account the highest standards in terms of quality for a green building. That is why, Nordis Mamaia 5***** is using the biophilic design, bringing nature inside of the living space  through plants and vegetation, creating for the inhabitants the comfort given by nature and green spaces.

When talking about alternative transportation, the ensemble also provides charging stations for electric cars and other measures to encourage sustainable mobility solutions. The materials and finishes have a reduced level of toxic volatile organic compounds, for a superior quality of the indoor environment and a positive impact on the health of the inhabitants. The construction also benefits from sanitary units with low water consumption, efficient irrigation and green spaces with easily adaptable plants and low maintenance.

The building has superior energy efficiency, which in the long run can be translated to lower consumption and bills. When building Nordis Mamaia 5*****, LED-based solutions were provided in all reception-type spaces, hallways, commercial areas, SPA, outdoor  but also inside the rooms of each building, efficient equipment and a high-performance thermal insulation system. In order to diminish the urban heat island (UHI) effect, which accentuates the perceived heat and the heat waves, grassy terraces and green roofs will be installed.

”We are delighted to have obtained the GREEN Homes pre-certification for Nordis Mamaia 5*****. It is one of our most important projects and we want to offer the highest quality services and, at the same time, to take care, in the best possible way, of nature and the environment. We are careful with each of our projects because we know how important it is to protect the resources we have. The constructions within the Nordis Group portfolio are bringing to the local market buildings of exceptional quality, and the trust granted by the Romanian Council for Green Buildings honors us”, said Emanuel Postoacă, president Nordis Group.

”We appreciate Nordis Group’s determination and involvement in raising the standard for the development of highly performant and sustainable projects. We welcome the commitment to certify the entire portfolio, which represents a significant increase in the number of environment-friendly and healthier buildings for the inhabitants. The GREEN Homes certification system is the most robust of its kind applicable to residential buildings, with recognition of the effort to build sustainably, at national and European level”, said Steven Borncamp, founding member of the Romania Green Building Council.

The construction of the Nordis Mamaia 5***** will be completed in 2021, and the construction will have 730 hotel rooms and 290 apartments, with a total area of 80,000 square meters. The investment amounts 70 million euros.


GREEN Homes certification – increases the number of green buildings in Romania


The GREEN Homes certification system is internationally recognized and is being implemented in 12 other countries, through the “SMARTER Finance for Families” program. Green Homes encourages the construction of better quality, healthier housing with financial benefits for the inhabitants. “Green Homes” was created to fight the social, economic and environmental challenges that Romania faces, such as illegal deforestation, excessive use of finite natural resources, use of toxic materials, poor waste management practices generated both in the construction site stage, as well as the operation of the buildings.

GREEN Homes’ aim is to support the creation of green housing through a credible, cost-effective certification program. This is an opportunity for investors and real estate developers to differentiate their projects through their environmental quality and performance, while bringing financial and environmental benefits to customers.

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