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November 29, 2022

Motion against Education Minister Monica Anisie clears Lower House

The Chamber of Deputies adopted on Wednesday the simple motion against Education Minister Monica Anisie by a vote of 172 to 90 and 47 abstentions.

The motion titled “Step by step we have reached an educational collapse – PNL has created UnEducated Romania” signed by 93 Pro Romania and Social Democrat deputies was debated in the Chamber’s Monday’s sitting.

Pro Romania and the Social Democratic Party (PSD) request Minister Anisie’s resignation over “the lack of vision and strategy, which caused preschoolers, pupils, students, parents, grandparents and educational staff to live in panic and insecurity for months.”

Power and Opposition representatives traded accusations of failing to reform the education system in the past 30 years.

The text of the motion was read on Monday in plenary Chamber of Deputies session by Mihaela Hunca, representing the PRO Romania party:

“What about the hundreds of thousands of pupils who do not have tablets, laptops and access to the internet? What about those who cannot afford such costs? What is Orban Government’s strategy? Here is the answer: total carelessness.”

Anisie labeled the motion “comedic” and blamed her Social Democrat predecessors for not having laid the groundwork for online education.


PSD MP criticizes Anisie’s “amateurism that has created a source of confusion”


The Social Democratic Party (PSD) has given solutions rejected countless times by the Government, and the simple motion against the Minister of Education, a democratic procedure, is also an opportunity for dialogue, Social Democrat MP Camelia Gavrila said on Monday.

“I remind Madam Minister that PSD had a constructive approach, we voted for the Government in difficult conditions, we voted for the state of emergency, the state of alert, countless emergency ordinances. (…) It was a time of waiting, of patience, of tolerance, precisely because the situation we face is very complex. The system you coordinate is very complex (…) This system affects the whole of society (…) We have given countless solutions that your Government has often rejected,” said Camelia Gavrila during the debates on the simple motion on education.

According to her, the “partial answers” given in the plenary by the Minister of Education brought a series of clarifications, but, on the other hand, “they gave the feeling of a space of parallel dialogues”.

“The patience I have shown no longer exists. (…) There was a succession of controversial measures, orders that have been canceled one moment to the other, imperfections, confusions, the announcement of measures before having legal substance. An amateurism that has created a source of confusion. (…) We should get out of this indeterminacy and approach the issue of education seriously, professionally,” said the PSD deputy.

The decisions made were in line with the epidemiological situation and starting from the reality of Romanian education, which was not ready for getting online right away, replied the education minister. Monica Anisie has rejected all accusations, claiming that the current situation of the Romanian education system is the effect of the measures taken by the previous Social Democratic governments, whom she accused of having chronically under-financed the system.

“What happened to the projects drawn up as early as 2011 for the national education law? What should I understand from this? That you indirectly admit you are blaming me for your own ignorance in the past? Devices will be purchased for the 250 thousand children from disadvantaged environments,” Education Minister Monica Anisie told Parliament.


EduMin Anisie: Romanian school, below level of challenges of  current generations of students; it has remained captive to conservative formulas


Romanian school is below the level of challenges faced by the current generations of students and has remained captive to conservative formulas, said on Monday the Minister of Education, Monica Anisie, in the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies, at the debate of the simple motion dubbed “Step by step we have reached educational collapse – PNL created Un-Educated Romania” signed by 93 deputies from Pro Romania and PSD (Social Democratic Party).

“In these 30 years since the Revolution, the modernization of the Romanian school was not a real and consistent one. The exception is (the year) 2011, which was marked by the emergence of the first education law aimed at profoundly changing the education system. But this law, just one year after implementation, has been changed as you came to government. You can submit as many motions as you like, but do not spare your own ministers who have managed the Romanian school the most in these years. Romanian school is below the level of challenges faced by current generations of students. Yes, the Romanian school has remained captive to conservative formulas, a system that does not emphasize the student’s abilities, but on the ability to accumulate knowledge and to reproduce it without being taught how to correlate pieces of information and adapt them to their realities,” the minister told the motion’s signatories.

“I agree that the Romanian school is not a school to help the child or young person to find out who they are and where they are going. Can I be blamed for this?! I’ve been a minister for almost seven months. Could I have solved in seven months what your ministers failed in all these years in office? Why has the Romanian school not been prepared for the online education? Where are the 2.2 billion lei promised two years ago for the purchase of tablets for Romanian students?” said Monica Anisie.

The Minister of Education added that funds will be allocated through the “Home School” national programme and internet-connected devices for the approximately 250,000 children from disadvantaged milieus will be purchased.


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