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December 8, 2022

Gov’t approves amendment of the on the state of alert to allow ease of lockdown

Government has approved the modification of Annex 3 to the government decision on the state of alert in order to allow the ease of lockdown in several sectors beginning with June 1, according to the measures adopted by Decision No. 26 of the National Committee for Emergency Situations (CNSU).

At the beginning of the Government meeting that started on Wednesday evening and ended a couple of hours later, PM Orban presented the content of Decision No. 26 of the CNSU.

The adopted decision allows for the organisation and unfolding of outdoor sports competitions, with no live audiences, under observance of the health protection measures established by joint order of the Minister of Youth and Sports and the Health Minister. Physical training of professional athletes and sports competitions are allowed in outdoor or indoor pools, also with no in-person audiences, with the observance of the health protection measures established by joint order of the Minister of Youth and Sports and of the Health Minister.

Professional athletes will also be allowed to train in enclosed spaces only with the observance of the distancing rules, with people at least 7 meters apart and complying with the established health protection rules.

The organization of shows, concerts, other outdoor cultural events, as well as of public and private festivals with the participation of up to 500 spectators seated at least 2 meters apart and who mandatorily wear face masks during the performance, and with the compliance of the requirements established by joint order of the Minister of Culture and the Health Minister, will also be allowed as of June 1.

Starting with June 1, restrictions, prohibitions on the movement of people outside the locality or the metropolitan area will be lifted.

International rail transport and the international road transport of passengers by regular special services and occasional services, for all inbound and outbound journeys, carried out by transport operators will be resumed, in compliance with the established requirements.

“The preparation, trading and consumption of foodstuffs and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in proper spaces outside building, in the open air, will also be allowed starting on the same date, June 1, while ensuring the minimum distance of 2 metres between the tables and with maximum 4 persons coming from different families to be allowed around one table, with the compliance of the requirements established by joint order of the Minister of Health, Minister of Economy, Minister of Energy and Business Environment and the President of the National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority.”

Another modification, according to the Decision No. 26 of the CNSU stipulates that, as of June 1, “people’s access to the beach will be allowed, with each person to use a sunbed, while observing the minimum distance of 2 metres between the sunbeds used by persons from different families and by observing the requirements established by joint order of the Minister of Economy, Energy and Business Environment, the Minister of Health and the Minister of the Environment, Waters and Forests, issued based on Article 71 of the Law No. 55/2020.”

Not last, it will be allowed “to organise and carry out shows of the drive-in type based on conditions to also be established by a joint order,” Agerpres informs.


PM Orban: Beaches to open under observance of strict specific rules


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said on Thursday that the beaches will open, yet under observance of specific rules, and that by June 1 the Environment, Home Affairs and Health Ministries will have to issue a joint order on the necessary distancing rules.

“Together with Mr. President, the government team and experts, we made the decision on the lockdown-easing measures that will be put into practice from June 1. One of the most important measures is scrapping the declaration for out of locality travel. This will allow people to travel out of locality without the fear of having to fill out the bona fide declaration. There are other measures as well which I am convinced the President has presented, such as opening terraces, the possibility of organizing outdoor shows and competitions. As you can see, we are practically lifting the restrictions where there’s a low epidemiological risk and the risk of infecting the participants in various activities is relatively zero,” Ludovic Orban said after visiting the Titu Technical Center – Dambovita County.

Referring to the rules to observe on the beaches, the Premier said that sunbeds will have to be a certain distance apart and common spaces will require a strict organization. The Environment Ministry – through the beach managing entity The Romanian Waters Corporation, the Home Affairs Ministry – tasked with ensuring the implementation of the measures, and the Health Ministry will have to issue by June 1 a joint order on the health safety rules, Orban added.

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