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December 3, 2022

Politicians’ messages on June 1, Children’s Day: Wishes for growing up healthy, happy childhood and to follow their every dream

President Iohannis praises school children for extraordinary effort to adapt to online schooling

President Klaus Iohannis said Monday that amid the ongoing coronavirus epidemic children have made extraordinary efforts to adapt to online schooling as they understand that education remains just as important all this time.

“Dear children, this year we are celebrating June 1 under unusual circumstances because we must all cope, from small to big, with the fight against the virus that can endanger our health. I know how hard it has been in recent months away from schoolmates, friends, the activities that you do every day with pleasure. You have made extraordinary efforts and adapted to online schooling as you understand that education remains just as important. I want to thank you for having been understanding and for having protected your loved ones, your parents, and especially your grandparents, who are the most vulnerable to the disease,” Iohannis said in a video message on Facebook on June 1, Children’s Day.

He wished a lot of success to those who will soon take the National Exam and the Baccalaureate Exam.

“The conditions under which the exams will take place this year are different, but I am convinced that you will do very well. I am confident that these tests will make you stronger and that you will not let anything stand in the way of your ambitions. Dear children, , be my allies in this fight against the virus by following all the healthcare guidelines and I assure you that together we will overcome this period well. Happy Children’s Day and many joys!”


PM Orban says children most precious gift to society


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban believes that the time parents spend with their children during the coronavirus epidemic will have a special significance, as children are “the most precious gift” not only to their families, but also to society as a whole.

“Today is children’s holiday, a day that we celebrate every year with great joy and with the feeling that they are the most precious gift not only to their families, but also to the whole society. The time that many Romanians have spent with their children in the last few weeks, more than they had before the coronavirus epidemic, will certainly have a special significance to everyone. To parents, any time spent with their children means an invaluable opportunity to see how they grow and evolve, to get even closer to them and to understand their worries and aspirations. To the little ones, these are moments that will become in time an invaluable memory of childhood,” reads a message of Prime Minister Orban released on June 1, the International Children’s Day.

The prime minister emphasises that in addition to this joy and the support of the family, children also need the support of society.

“Helping them grow beautifully into educated and responsible persons means, first and foremost, being examples for them, teaching them what empathy, respect for others and responsibility mean. And, as such. As they say about children being the mirror of the families in which they grow up, the present generation of children, the way they grow up, reflect the Romanian society. With the decisions each of us, parents, educators or authorities, makes we have a decisive role in their future. At the governmental level, the goal is to support education and non-discriminatory access to education, regardless of social context.”

He points out that all children in Romania must have equal opportunities and promised “viable solutions” for their development.

“We are proud of our children and young people and we want to offer them the conditions to develop in an educated Romania. For that, we have decided to finance the purchase of tablets for children in a more difficult social setting so that they can continue to learn even if schooling has now moved online because of the coronavirus. I have also come to support parents during this time, giving them the opportunity to take days off while schools are closed. Together with the entire government team, I am determined to secure equal opportunities to all children in Romania and to find viable solutions for their development. I wish them to grow up healthy, happy childhood and to follow their every dream! Happy Children’s Day, dear children!”


Speaker Ciolacu wishes Happy Children’s Day to children, tomorrow’s superheroes


Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader Marcel Ciolacu, says that in every child there are “a lot of magical superpowers” – creativity, courage, kindness, and joy that can be activated if love, warmth and support surround children.

“Every child has a lot of magical superpowers: creativity, courage, kindness, joy and much more. And every child can activate these superpowers if he or she feels that there is love, warmth and support around. That’s how superheroes are born who will save the world later and make it better! This is how dreams are pursued! Happy birthday to tomorrow’s superheroes! Happy birthday to all the children,” Ciolacu wrote on Facebook on Monday, urging the incumbent government to double child allowances.

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