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December 9, 2022

PSD spokesman presents dire economic figures of Liberal rule: We are sure the people are aware of this and will sanction these abuses at the ballot

Spokesman of the opposition’s Social Democratic Party (PSD), Senator Lucian Romascanu, said that 12,000 people have been hired in the state apparatus under the Liberal government, and voiced his conviction that “the people will sanction these abuses at the ballot”.

“More than 12,000 people have been hired in the public system, although Mr. Orban was boasting that he’ll get the carpal syndrome signing the sacking decisions for the PSD cronies. Now we see he has damaged his hand hiring PNL’s sidekicks. We are sure the people are aware of this and will sanction these Liberal abuses at the ballot,” Romascanu told a news conference at the party’s headquarters on Sunday.

He also presented a series of numbers for the “poor Liberal government” which sum up in a “bill for the Orban Government’s incapacity to support the economy in crisis”, and concluded that PSD “imperatively” demands the Prime Minister and the PNL government to resign.

“600,000 employees on furlough, 425,000 people left without a job. Eurostat places Romania 3rd in the EU by the rise in unemployment in March 2020 compared to October 2019, when the Liberals took over governing from PSD. 518,400 SMEs with shuttered business or with a declining turnover, the total represents 37 billion euros, this is the amount lost from the turnover of Romanian companies. Other figures: 170,000 companies do not know if they will resume activity after June 1, the GDP will plunge by an unprecedented 14.4 percent in the second quarter, prices will rise by 22 percent, as per the official forecast of the National Institute for Statistics. There’s a grim picture ahead of the economic collapse in the next three months, the result of the bad Liberal governing, industrial production will fall by 21 percent. (….) The turnover in the sector of services will decrease by 29 percent. (…) These are the figures of the Orban rule and everything I’ve said so far shows that the Liberals have transformed the slogan ‘Through ourselves!’ into the slogan: ‘For ourselves!’ Based on these figures and for everything we have highlighted so far and for other extremely serious acts unveiled in the media, PSD imperatively demands the resignation of Mr. Orban and of the PNL government,” Romascanu said, according to Agerpres.

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