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November 29, 2022

Scenarios for the local elections in the view of the political parties

PNL’s Alexandru says she is in favour of electronic vote, including in local elections

National Liberal Party (PNL) Bucharest leader and Labour Minister Violeta Alexandru has stated on Thursday that she agrees with the introduction of the electronic vote, including in local elections.

“I am in favour of the electronic vote, including in local elections. The experience of this period has showed us that we can manage the short-term decisions, I have confidence in the Electoral Authority and, especially, in the Special Telecommunication Service that they could generate a technical solution. Until we put an end to this appetite that some people have, to create a psychosis around the possibility of stealing, I think it would not be good to drop the project, until we agree that we can minimize the possible mistakes and that we all have confidence and that we do not send in the public space all kinds of alarmist messages, which will also lead the investment of time, resources and all the good faith to a blocking point,” Violeta Alexandru at the online debate organised by the Expert Forum, called “Organising elections during pandemic. Scenarios of political parties.”

She added that, at the PNL Bucharest branch, the electoral campaign will be totally transparent because the branch she leads has “a team determined to work correctly, efficiently, transparently, regardless of the period.”


PMP’s Tomac: I had a discussion with PM Orban, September 27 is the right time for elections



National leader of the People’s Movement Party (PMP) Eugen Tomac said on Thursday he was convinced local elections would be held on September 27, adding that he had a discussion with Prime Minister Ludovic Orban on the elections and insisted on the date.

“Obviously we have to prepare for the elections. I am convinced that we will have elections on September 27. I had a discussion with Prime Minister Orban today and I insisted, because I think we cannot extend indefinitely the terms of office of the locally elected. September 27 is the right time, first of all because we are on a reasonable enough schedule to get ready for the elections, because they are not made from one week to the next. There has to be a strict schedule, as the law asks. First you create the electoral bureau. The signature campaign needs to be rethought, because the number is very high and we should reduce the number of signatures. We clearly need to think of an alternative and we have come up with a proposal to remove the signatures and to have another formula through which to propose guarantees and those who obtain the score of at least 3% to recover such guarantees,” Tomac told a virtual debate on holding elections during a pandemic as suggested by political party scenarios, organised by Expert Forum.

He added that for the PMP the election of mayors in two rounds has been and continues to be an important goal.

“I regret that we will not have two-round mayoral elections this year, I think that for the Romanian administration, for the Romanian political life, it is absolutely essential to return to the election of mayors in two rounds,” said Tomac.


USR’s Barna: Local elections must be held as soon as possible, probably at the end of September


USR (Save Romania Union) leader Dan Barna on Thursday stated that the local elections should be organised in end-September and he pleaded for a vote by mail this time.

“USR believes that it would be better to have the local elections as soon as possible because the initial proposal made by PSD – in trying to protect the people from a possible return of the virus – to move the elections somewhere in March would mean to allow this narrative where everybody seems to be solely concerned with what other opportunities they might grab to continue in our country for another nine months, while the necessary reforms that the country needs would be delayed again, by the same amount of time. The local elections should take place as soon as possible, probably somewhere in end-September, if we want to be realistic. There is a risk that these elections will be regarded with a lot of mistrust, first of all, because people are still afraid to participate in the electoral process and, second of all, because of how we see campaigns unfolding during this time,” Barna said at the online debate “Organisation of the elections during the pandemic. Scenarios from the political parties,” organised by Expert Forum.


UDMR’s Csoma Botond says party supports organisation of local elections in September, parliamentary elections on term


The Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) supports the organisation of local elections in September or October and parliamentary elections on term, and their possible postponement for next year would not be “a correct message for society,” UDMR deputy Csoma Botond said on Thursday, at the online debate organised by the Expert Forum, called “Organising elections during pandemic. Scenarios of political parties.”

“We support the organisation of local elections in September, at least in October, and parliamentary elections on term – in December. We hope we won’t have a second wave [of novel coronavirus infections], although it is possible and local elections shall take place in September – October, and parliamentary elections in December. If the health situation allows it, there is no justified reason to postpone elections for next year. I don’t think it would be a correct message for society if we were to support the postponement of elections for next year, both of local elections and parliamentary ones,” the UDMR deputy said.


Pro Romania’s Ponta : PSD, PNL agree not to hold two-round mayoral elections


Pro Romania national leader Victor Ponta claimed on Thursday that there is an agreement between the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the National Liberal Party (PNL) not to have two-round mayoral elections and not to elect county council chairs from among councilors.

He told a virtual debate on holding elections during a pandemic in the scenarios of political parties organised by Expert Forum that holding the local elections and the general election depends on the public health situation, which could postpone the elections.

“If a second wave of epidemic occurs, we, the politicians, must make the decision to postpone the elections until the second wave passes, if it occurs. (…) From the point of view of Pro Romania, the fact that this agreement exists between PNL and PSD on not having two-round mayoral elections and on not electing the county council chairs from among the councilors is a serious diversion of what we want to do in the future. I have publicly supported and told to Prime Minister Orban that if there is any formula to have two-round mayoral elections and elect the county council chairs from among councilors, Pro Romania will not vote on any motion of PSD or the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR), after which, I realised that PNL also wants that system, and I think we will be hugely disappointed with the local elected officials,” Ponta said.

He added that if there is no new wave of COVID-19 pandemic and the elections take place this year, Pro Romania wants the local and parliamentary ones to be as close in time as possible, separated by about two weeks.

“Holding them every two weeks, a week between them, is the most logical even in terms of expenses, organisation, the risk of spreading the virus, and it also makes a lot of sense politically. That way, we will vote the candidates to Parliament as well. We must make that law, as the Constitutional Court ruled yesterday to extend the terms of office of local elected officials and decide what to do with the date of the elections. (…) As far as the postal voting is concerned, we are endorsing any modern voting measure, of course safe with all the security guarantees attached, because now is the first time that we have one and the same party holding practically all the political levers and so we need some additional guarantees that the vote is not fraudulent,” said Ponta.

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