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December 9, 2022

European Green Deal, a clear guide for Romanian government’s programme, says PM Orban

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said the European Commission’s new plan, called the European Green Deal is “a clear guide in the Romanian government’s programme and in all subsequent government actions.”

Orban and Minister of the Environment Costel Alexe participated on Friday in the launching event of a project called “Made in Protected Natural Area,” organised at Cernica to mark the World Environment Day.

“Although I am a Liberal, I am a man who loves nature and I am a rational man who realises that if we do not change our attitude towards nature, towards the environment that creates our living conditions, we will get nowhere and we are in danger of becoming extinct as a species. Because of that, although there are many voices against it, the European Commission’s new plan, called the ‘European Green Deal’, is a clear guide for us in the government’s programme and in all subsequent government action” said Orban.

He added that there are solutions so that the activities can be carried out without destroying the environment.

“We can live and exploit the forest rationally, without cutting it down, without any supervision, we can live rationally producing energy without destroying the environment, we can live rationally by producing cars that do not pollute the environment. We can live and make things without affecting nature. The human mind, the human intelligence, can give these solutions and it must be steered in that direction. In order to allow us to maintain our standard of living, all these solutions, the comfort we want, can be achieved through innovation, through research, which will really lead to solutions that will not perpetuate the war we have been waging for hundreds of years against the environment,” the PM said.

Orban also mentioned the situation of protected natural areas and solutions for promoting the products made there.

“It is known that many locals are upset that they have been included in protected natural areas, because in protected natural areas (…) the possibility of finding a job or developing certain production capacities or certain economic activities is restricted. We must try to offer them a way to live, to produce, to provide services, to be a target for those who really want to visit breathtaking places, whose beauty is unique. That is why, when I was informed of this initiative, I immediately reacted: I support it and I believe that the brand produced in the protected natural area can be a brand that helps with promoting such products, which, of course, are food products, handicrafts, products that we can call traditional, they are born from man’s natural relationship with the environment without the destructive effects that are related to other economic activities. As such, we are with these local communities living in protected natural areas, and we will try to support with significant resources the development of these economic activities in protected natural areas,” Orban said.

He expressed his belief that people’s philosophy of consumption will gradually change.

“Maybe they will get tired of chemicals and the chemical industry (…) and try to look for quality food, things that are as close to nature as possible, that spring from the skills of one and the other,” Orban added, according to Agerpres.


EnviMin Alexe: If nature is healthy we, the people, will also be healthier


The World Environment Day is celebrated each year on June 5, and in this context, the Minister of Environment, Waters and Forests will launch, as a first in Romania, the trademark “Produced in a Natural Protected Area”.

In 2020, the theme of the World Environment Day is biodiversity, its safeguarding and the safeguarding of people’s health and lives, Environment Minister Costel Alexe mentioned on Facebook before partcipating in the launching of the brand together with producers from several natural protected areas, which will be able to use the brand.

“For the World Environment Day 2020, everyone is invited to share why it’s time for nature. Thus, be a part of the solution and join the global appeal #ForNature. This year, millions of people will celebrate digitally, at the world level, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Each one of our actions is for Nature and should be thought out so that it reduces to a minimum consequences on the environment. If nature is healthy we, the people, will also be healthier. If we safeguard nature now, we safeguard our children’s future, the Romanian Environment Minister wrote on his Facebook page prior to the event held in Cernica.


Iohannis sounds the alarm over illegal logging in Romania, urges citizens to participate in reforestation programmes


In a message on June 5, World Environment Day, President Klaus Iohannis is sounding the alarm over illegal logging in Romania, urging all citizens to participate in reforestation programmes.

“We must put an end to illicit logging and get all involved in Romania’s national reforestation programmes! We need to take concrete action to reduce carbon emissions, thus learning to live in harmony with the environment,” reads the presidential message released by the Presidential Administration.

Iohannis adds that “the environmental problems facing Romania today require decisive action by all responsible authorities to combat pollution, illegal logging and waste contamination.”

“Romania has an extraordinary natural wealth, with secular forests, rare animal species and extinct habitats than elsewhere in Europe. In order to preserve all these riches, we need, more than ever, efficient strategies, coherent legislation, responsible management of natural resources, supporting clean industries and everything related to the green economy,” Iohannis said.

In that sense, he calls for ecological education and civic involvement.

“As always, I support initiatives dedicated to preserving the quality of the environment and the rational use of natural resources. On this occasion, I want to thank all those who have been actively involved all these years in the ecological field with beneficial results for our society, and I am urging them to continue on the same path,” Iohannis said.

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