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February 26, 2021

PM Orban urges Romanians to protect themselves: Any significant increase of COVID-19 cases can lead to new restrictions

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban urged Romanians again to protect themselves and observe the “physical distance for health protection,” warning that “any significant increase in the number of cases [of COVID-19 infections] can lead to new restrictive measures.”

“We await to see what happens. It is best not to make judgments of value, opinions, only based on the number of persons who tested positive in one day. Certainly, it is an alarm signal and we will have to watch more closely what happens. My plea to Romanians is the same: protect yourselves, wear a mask, observe physical distance of health protection! Do not interact closely with people! It is true that outdoor, one is not forced to wear a mask, but if you don’t wear a mask, I’ve seen places where people stood next to each other, not wearing a mask, in parks and other areas. If you don’t wear a mask, protect yourselves from interacting closely with other people who can transmit the virus and whom you can transmit the virus to in care you are infected,” Ludovic Orban told a news conference held at Cernica on Friday, where he attended the launching event of the project called “Produced in a Natural Protected Area,” where he was asked if the high number of COVID-19 cases registered on Thursday does not represent an alarm signal for the authorities.

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