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April 19, 2021

Tariceanu: ALDE, PSD, Pro Romania discuss to make a coalition for local, parliamentary elections

ALDE (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats), PSD (Social Democratic Party) and Pro Romania are discussing to make a centre-left coalition to participate together in the next local and parliamentary elections, ALDE leader Calin Popescu-Tariceanu announced on Friday.

“We are currently discussing, namely ALDE, PSD and Pro Romania to make a coalition to participate in the next local and parliamentary elections. (…) We believe that we would have a real chance in the next elections as a centre-left coalition,” Tariceanu told Romania TV private television broadcaster.

The ALDE leader mentioned that another topic of discussion between the three political parties is the submission of a motion of censure against the Orban government.

“We are also discussing the submission of a motion of censure given the impotence and incompetence of this government. The PSD said that, and in my opinion, what they said was very correct, if the PNL does not comply with the law on increasing the pension point by 40 per cent, this will mean more reason for submitting a motion of censure,” said Tariceanu.

The next government, regardless of its formula, monochromatic, coalition or national union, would have a “very short” life, he said, but also the task of organising the future elections.

“With a one-color government, with a centre-left or centre-right coalition government, etc., including a national union government. But the time is very short and I think we can’t afford to have the parliamentary elections, to hold a six-month campaign in the context of the current economic crisis affecting Romania and all world economies after the coronavirus crisis (…) Which is why I think that the formation of a Government of national unity will be a fair solution. Everything depends on the context. Considering that the next elections are very close, I believe that making a Government of national unity would be a complicated solution. When the Orban Government falls, we must think immediately of a Government that whose mission must be exclusively the organisation of the elections, a Government with a very short life of two, three months and then, depending on the result of the elections, the result of the people’s will expressed by vote, other formulas can be found,” explained Calin Popescu-Tariceanu.

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