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December 9, 2022

FinMin Citu says political attack on him is a fake news build up in the most political police style

The political attacks on me these last days is a fake news build up in the most political police (Securitate) style, my declaration of wealth is public and there is the inheritance from my grandparents who worked honestly, on Monday wrote the Finance Minister Florin Citu on his Facebook page.

“How to use your wife as a political weapon. For a few days we’ve been watching a miserable political attack on me. #FakeNews built in the most political police Securitate way, especially if you look at who’s leading the attack. Why am I attacked? It’s simple: because I refuse to blow up the country. Although all the economic measures taken so far have been confirmed by the evolution of the economy, inflation and lower interest rates, the stable national currency, economic growth in the first quarter and the preservation of the country’s rating, the attack continues mischievously. But they are not just attacking me, they are also attacking my family in the most wicked way. Who’s attacking me? An organized clan of economic terrorists. A politician and his friends. An impostor who hides behind his wife’s skirts by having her make with me and my family real soap operas on TV. The other one, a lawyer who takes advantage of people’s troubles to make money. Together, for three years they produced three unconstitutional laws, collecting millions of RON from customers. Maybe they should give the money back,” the Finance minister wrote.

Florin Citu points out that the accusations against him are false, and all information about his wealth is public.

“Last but not least, a dignitary has joined the team, a former head of the PSD (Social Democratic Party, ed. n.). What we found at MFP (Public Finance Ministry) that one was supposed to be the last one to say anything. I tell the three of them I won’t give up, I’ll go ahead and I’ll reveal everything. The Romanians tell them that all that has been presented so far is FALSE. My declaration of wealth is public, and that’s where the estates of my grandparents who worked honestly are listed. How can the socialists understand that in this country are also honest people?! They only know how to steal people’s property and work,” the minister wrote.

The Minister of Finance has been accused, in the public space, of having disbanded the legal department of the ministry that should have tried with his parents.

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