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December 3, 2022

PSD’s Ciolacu: After 15 June, let’s put an end to the Liberal model of administering a country only with fines

PSD (Social Democratic Party, opposition) acting chairman Marcel Ciolacu believes that there is no need for fines and state of alert, even if the Government wants this because “it is the perfect firewall for all the PNL clientele to continue their big business on public money”.

“After 15 June, it is time to put an end to the liberal model of administering a country only with fines, threats and restrictions. Let’s end with Klaustrophobia, let’s think about how we relaunch Romania!” says the Social Democrat leader Marcel Ciolacu in a post published on his Facebook page on Monday.

According to him, the government has no legitimacy in giving lessons to Romanians on how to protect themselves from the coronavirus, and the PSD is no longer willing to “swallow the nonsense of the liberal ministers”.

“PSD is no longer willing to swallow the nonsense of liberal ministers. The government no longer has the legitimacy to give us lessons on how to protect ourselves from the coronavirus after the scandalous episode in the Government building, where (PM, ed. n.) Orban and the PNL clique were partying with whiskey and cigars. Only public health specialists must make it clear to the country what kind of measures should be taken further,” the PSD acting president’s post reads.

Ciolacu also states that the Minister of Health wants to extend the state of alert after 15 June, although he does not present any solid argument for this, not being an expert in epidemiology, “but rather in the masks sold without a receipt, at the family pharmacy”.

The Social Democrat leader is accusing the Health minister Nelu Tataru that he is only doing image exercises and that he has, in fact, “praised himself with the work of mayors and presidents of county councils who have taken the burden of the battle with the pandemic”. “At this time, the Ministry of Health was being used to engineer tenders for the home firms of the PNL,” Marcel Ciolacu adds.

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