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December 3, 2022

The “architects” invited to the Fuckup Nights Vol. V, ready to reveal the failed plans that pushed them towards their professional path

The Japanese are guided, especially in their professional life, by the concept of “kaizen”, which means continuous improvement.

From childhood, they are taught that the results are not obtained immediately, just by taking a big step, but constantly, making small ones every day, even if not on a straight path, but on a winding one with obstacles. Thus, patiently, the Japanese build a solid foundation in their professional life, to which, throughout their lives, they will add another brick every day, even if not in accordance with the initial architectural plan. Wise and sure, we could say. Why doesn’t the same happen in our culture?

The professional environment is dominated by competition, and failure is seen as an experience that we must avoid by any means because it can end our ascent, it can tear down the structure that we have struggled to build as architects of their own professional lives. However, an important component is the failure itself, which becomes indispensable for any sustainable professional construction.

Fuckup Nights puts brick after brick to build a solid community of people who have succeeded professionally, but whose life has brought them where they are, precisely because they have ruined it along the way. Fuckup Nights Bucharest Vol. V brings five such “architects” on June 18th, starting at 7 pm, online, live on the ZOOM platform.


These are: Judith Kis, HR & Logistics Director, Groupama Asigurări;  Ioana Frîncu – technology expert, entrepreneur and COO Creative Tim; Cristian China-Birta – blogger and entrepreneur, founder of the digital agency Kooperativa 2.0, trainer and speaker; Alex Filip – corporatist, rally driver with 17 years of experience and double national champion and Cristian Șimonca aka Blogu lu ’Otravă – enthusiastic blogger in fields such as theater, film, sports & more.


The organizers of Fuckup Nights Bucharest took a look at the sketches of the respective “architects”:


“It’s better to regret trying than to wonder what your whole life was like if you tried. Starting from this, we will talk about what matters most in the world, about how important discipline and consistency are. About failure, about how a kick in the ass can be a step forward, about decisions that are followed by consequences, about assuming failure, about expectations and how they are not always as we imagined them. Man is subject to errors. To fail is human and even if that moment is not your best … he eventually builds you. Today is you: the sum of the mistakes and the good things you did “, says Cristian Șimonca aka Blogu lu’ Otravă for Fuckup Nights Vol. V.

“I keep hearing that people say it’s good to fail. It’s not good, bro, how can it be good ?! I am referring here to the fact that some, who read too many pseudo-aspirationals, lie on a pink striped cloud and say to themselves “ah, I can’t wait to tick a failure, I heard it’s very cool! It’s not cool at all. It’s not good at all. But it will happen to you. No matter what you do in life. Failure is in the DNA of anyone who does something. So you better get off the pink striped cloud and get ready to take flops. Some serious. But don’t wait for them. Don’t call them. You don’t want them. They will be coming anyway. That’s what I’m saying “, says Cristian China-Birta for Fuckup Nights Vol. V.

“What is failure? Just an opportunity to learn and progress, ”says Judith Kis for Fuckup Nights Vol. V.

“Both in my personal life and in my sports career I had many joys, emotions, accomplishments, successes, but also failures. Performance sports taught me that you can’t always be on the wave and, especially, that you have to be prepared for failure. Failure is part of life, it is the rule of the game that we must assume, but I think you have to do everything to overcome the storm and try to make light again. It’s true that you need strength for that, but when you really want something, no barrier is insurmountable “, says Alex Filip for Fuckup Nights Vol. V.

Fuckup Nights Bucharest, part of the series of events that take place globally, targets equally small and big entrepreneurs, corporate people, professionals, and students. This rapidly expanding global movement promotes, through the power of the speakers’ example, the constructive conclusions drawn from professional failures.

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