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March 2, 2021

Parliament adopts budgetary rectification of state social insurance budget for 2020 as presented by Gov’t

Parliament on Thursday adopted the bill on the approval of the Government Emergency Ordinance No. 51/2020, in the form presented by the Government, on the budgetary rectification of the state social insurance budget for 2020.

The bill was adopted with 342 votes “in favour”, 28 “against,” and two abstentions.

In the case of the state social insurance budget, the proposal is mainly to cut the current revenues of the public pension system by 6.042 billion lei and increase the subsidy granted from the state budget by the same amount.

The budget for unemployment allowance provides an increase in the revenues of the unemployment insurance system by 1,346.270 billion lei, as well as the decrease of the current revenues by 114.941 lei.

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