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December 5, 2022

PM Orban: Government action regarding state of alert extension has been in accordance with the law

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban told private broadcaster Realitatea Plus on Wednesday evening that he and the government have acted in accordance with the law as regards the extension of the state of alert and that “the so-called opposition, which actually holds a momentary majority in Parliament, instigates non-compliance with the regulations.”

“I acted in accordance with the law. The government adopted the decision for the 30-day extension of the state of alert at the proposal of the Minister of the Interior and of the National Committee for Emergency Situations and based on experts’ assessments. It’s clear to everyone that maintaining the state of alert is necessary, because only thus can the authorities ensure compliance with the measures to protect the people’s health,” Orban said when asked about dissensions with the parliamentary majority on the extension of the state of alert.

The PM specified that the government and Parliament had exchanged formal letters on the subject.

“After adoption, I sent the government decision to Parliament (…) according to the principle of loyal cooperation between the state powers, for information. They sent me a note asking that the request for the approval of the extension of the state of alert by Parliament be included in the note for the decision’s referral to Parliament. And I answered them, with the law before me, that I cannot do something that is not provided by law, as a Prime Minister, I cannot break the law. (…) Of course, if, after examining Law 55 that was voted by Parliament at the transition between the state of emergency and the state of alert, the lawmakers consider it necessary to vote for the extension of the state of alert, they can do it, but the government cannot substitute for Parliament. Parliament is autonomous, decides on its own,” Orban said.

Asked to comment on the announcement made by Social Democrat leader Marcel Ciolacu, that the PSD will file with the Constitutional Court a complaint for abuse of power in connection with the state of alert extension, Orban said that “the so-called opposition, which actually holds a momentary majority in Parliament” has been instigating non-compliance with the regulations for a long time now and reminded that a complaint has already been submitted to the Constitutional Court with regard to Law No. 55/2020.


 On what grounds would PSD table censure motion, as Gov’t has done its duty?!


Social Democratic Party (PSD) has no motivation to table a censure motion, given that the Government has done its duty, PM Orban said on Wednesday evening on the private television station Realitatea Plus, adding that such an approach cannot be justified in front of the public opinion and represents “another adventurous, irresponsible act”.

“On what grounds should they file a censure motion? Because the Government has done its duty?! Because we are in an exhausting activity from morning to night?! Because we have tried to find the right answer to all the situations no one has faced so far?! What is the motivation for them to table a censure motion to overthrow the Orban Government? We have succeeded in extremely difficult conditions, without parliamentary support, with a hostile parliamentary majority, which is behaving increasingly irresponsible, we have managed to keep this epidemic under control and, to some extent, to keep the economy at a functioning level,” Ludovic Orban told Realitatea Plus on Wednesday, when asked if he was afraid of the censure motion announced by PSD.

He added that during this period, “the pace of adopting measures has been really crazy.”

“To all the challenges we faced we had to find answers as soon as possible, to give solutions for some situations that required an immediate reaction,” added Orban.


Taxing special pensions solves one problem, but there are many other inequities


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban also told on Wednesday evening private TV broadcaster Realitatea Plus that the taxation of special pensions solves one problem, but stressed that a very serious analysis of the pension system is needed, motivating that there are many other inequities.

Orban gave the example of the correction coefficient, which he said generates inequity in the calculation of pensions and argued for the principle of contributory to the calculation of pensions.

“The issue of pensions must be approached with reason, starting from the level of principles. We have always argued that the fundamental principle that (…) must be the basis for calculating pensions is the principle of contributivity. (…) Unfortunately, in our country there has been a whole avalanche of special regulations that have generated pension calculation systems that have violated this principle of contributivity. In my view, the only pensions that can make a compromise from this principle of contributivity are military pensions, because they are in the service of the nation all their lives and the pension is a service pension. We need moderation, we need a very serious analysis, we need to look at the issue of pensions from several perspectives. We need to see what models of pension systems work in the future and clearly, in any projection you have on pensions, you have to think about the long-term pension system, not the moment,” Orban said.

The Prime Minister emphasized that there are two solutions for increasing pensions: increasing the average salary in the economy and increasing the number of employees.


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