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December 1, 2022

President Iohannis, on the state of alert extension: The Government acted correctly, legally and opportune

President Klaus Iohannis believes the Government has acted according to law in the case of extending the state of alert.

“If someone in Parliament opines differently, he or she has the constitutional right to ask for a verification, nonetheless in my opinion, the manner in which the Government has acted is correct, legal and opportune, and the measures still in force are less than in the first phase, there are absolutely important measures (…) and it is a useful, correct and commonsensical approach,” Iohannis said on Thursday.

In his opinion, “the approach of the so-called Opposition in Parliament is based on an electioneering exaggeration.”

“They are actually making a scandal for the sake of scandal and are trying to get a few more votes. Practically, the PSD [Social Democratic Party] does nothing but bring insecurity among the population, in a period when people must be sure that things done by the authorities are correct and they should observe the measures imposed,” Iohannis showed.

The president has made some statements at the end of a visit to the ICU Mobile Unit of the Romexpo Complex of Bucharest.


Any censure motion now meaningless, politically non-sense


President Klaus Iohannis said on Thursday that a motion of censure against the government would be a “meaningless and politically non-sense” gesture amidst the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic.

“The idea of the motion of censure is formally an instrument of the opposition, but I find coming out with a motion of censure or with the threat of a motion of censure in a situation of health crisis, in a situation of epidemic, simply wrong, a non-sense lacking grounds. The accusations are baseless. Why dismiss the government? Because it took the necessary measures, because they took the measures in time, because we managed to prevent the spread of the epidemic, because they came up with measures for economic recovery that are already producing results because their way of thinking was economic recovery. I find it totally meaningless and politically non-sense,” Iohannis said after visiting mobile intensive care units at the Romexpo exhibition halls in Bucharest.

He went on to say that at the time the government was sworn in it was known that it would be for a short time.

“Let us all remember the discussions when this government was inaugurated and everyone knew that it was sworn in for a year, so for a short period. We remember that back then almost everyone said: We are voting for this government to make the budget, to make elections and to get to the general election and if we do all this things are good. The government has come up, made a good budget, managed the epidemic very well, has managed the crisis situation very well, has a sound economic thinking, while putting forth a very good and solid economic programme. So, this government has done infinitely more than expected from it when it was first voted and now when there are only a few months until the elections the Social Democratic Party (PSD) is waving up the motion of censure just to show it is there. It doesn’t seem fair to me,” Iohannis said, according to Agerpres.

Acting PSD national chairman Marcel Ciolacu announced on Wednesday that PSD lawmakers start working on a motion of censure to be tabled after the end of the state of alert.

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