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December 1, 2022

40 award-winning films from around the world and over 224,000 views on Astra Film Online

The home audience has so far had the chance to watch, in just two months, 40 remarkable films from around the world on Astra Film Online, according to a press release issued by the organizers.

“Non-fiction films made following unique directorial visions have authentically and courageously explored complex human experiences and difficult existential problems, surprising man in a journey of revealing transformations,” reads the release.

The various topics of the documentaries dealt in depth: ancient histories and mysterious peoples, fascinating traditions and customs, emotional confessions and violent confrontations, sincere reflections and heavy sentences, overwhelming fears and traumas, the phenomenon of emigration and oppressive systems, the future of youth and modernization.

“All these have managed to evoke the complicated ways in which society and culture have evolved in many parts of the world, revealing different sides of the truth,” state the organizers.

The non-fiction films specially selected for this period had a total of over 224,000 unique visitors.

There were 67,544 visitors on the Facebook page and 156,490 on the Youtube channel.

In addition to documentaries for the general public, the little ones were able to enjoy the adventures and fearless journeys of the protagonists of the films proposed by Astra Film Junior.

The fans of the documentary cinematography could relax with two unique and extraordinary live concerts, with SonoRo and Silent Strike in the foreground, the organizers also inform.

The extensive program can be constantly watched on the festival’s website-https: //www.astrafilm.ro/online/, on the Youtube channel and on Facebook pages.

“The Corvin Project” (photo), directed by Klára Trencsényi which was screened on Friday, June 19 presents  a large real estate development project in Budapest, which leads to the relocation of over a thousand families and the change of the old way of life in the neighborhood.

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