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October 31, 2020

Romania under Code Orange, Code Red advisories for accentuated atmospheric instability, heavy rainfalls and floods

The National Meteorological Administration (ANM) issued on Sunday a Code Orange advisory for accentuated atmospheric instability in 33 counties, valid until Monday morning, and two Code Yellow warnings valid for the next few days.

The Code Orange advisory is valid from Sunday, 10:00hrs until Monday, 06:00hrs, in almost the entire country except the counties of Caras-Severin, Gorj, Valcea, Giurgiu, Mehedinti, Dolj, Olt, Teleorman and Bucharest City.

According to meteorologists, on Sunday afternoon (21 June), as well as during the night of Sunday to Monday (21/22 June), in Moldavia, Maramures, Transylvania, Crisana and, locally, in Banat, Dobrogea and Muntenia, there will be periods of torrential rains and water quantities will exceed 40 l/sqm and, on small areas, 50-80 l/sqm. Wind intensifications, storms, thunders and hail will also be reported.

Moreover, as of Sunday, 10:00hrs until Monday, 10:00hrs, the counties of Caras-Severin, Gorj, Valcea, Giurgiu, Bucharest City and, partially, Constanta, Tulcea and Mehedinti will be placed under a Code Yellow.

In the mentioned interval, in most parts of the country, there will be periods of accentuated atmospheric instability, with thunders, torrential downpours, hail and storms. The water quantities will exceed 20-25 l/sqm and, on small areas, 40-50 l/sqm.

Also, as of Monday, 10:00hrs until Wednesday, at 10:00hrs, a Code Yellow advisory of temporary accentuated atmospheric instability across the country enters force, to bring frequent thunders, torrential rains, hail and storms. The water quantities will exceed 25-30 l/sqm and, on small areas, 40 – 60 l/sqm.


Code Red for floods on Timis river; Code Orange on rivers in 30 counties; Code Yellow on rivers in 34


The National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management (INHGA) issued on Sunday a Code Red advisory for Timis river, Timis county, as well as a Code Orange and a Code Yellow warnings on rivers in 30 counties, 34 counties, respectively, valid on Sunday and Monday.

Thus, as of Sunday, at 12:00hrs, until Monday, at 12:00hrs, a Code Red advisory is in force on Timis river – S.H. Sag downstream sector, as a result of the propagation of the floods previously formed upstream (dam sector – Timis county) and the hydrological warning from the other previously warned hydrographic basins has been lifted.

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