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December 5, 2022

Prosecutors: Gholam Reza Mansouri’s death, violent, “under conditions of precipitation”

Prosecutors with the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Bucharest Court claim that the postmortem performed in the case of the Iranian Mansouri Gholam Reza shows that his death was a violent one, caused by traumatic injuries incompatible with life, caused by hitting a hard plane, possible “under conditions of precipitation”.

On June 19, the criminal investigation bodies of the General Police Directorate of Bucharest – Homicide Service were notified regarding the death of a man, later identified as the Iranian citizen Gholam Reza Mansouri, which occurred on the same day, around 2:30 pm, in the lobby on the ground floor of the Duke Hotel in the center of Bucharest.

According to a release of the Bucharest Prosecutor’s Office issued on Tuesday, in order to clarify the circumstances under which Gholam Reza Mansouri’s death occurred, several activities were carried out: the on-site investigation was carried out and material evidence was collected, as well as documents; a forensic postmortem of the body was ordered, and preliminary conclusions were obtained according to which the death was violent, caused by traumatic injuries incompatible with life, produced by hitting a hard plane, possible under conditions of precipitation; several hotel employees were heard; the storage units were removed from the video surveillance system installed in the hotel, and the judge’s authorization to access the stored images was also requested.

According to press articles, Gholam Reza Mansouri is an Iranian cleric, a former magistrate in his country, and is being prosecuted internationally by Iran for corruption.

On the other hand, he is accused by human rights activists of ordering the torture and imprisonment of independent journalists in Iran.

After being found in Romania, prosecutors from the Prosecutor’s Office of the Bucharest Court of Appeal requested in court the provisional arrest of Gholam Reza Mansouri, in order to be extradited to Iran.

On June 12, the Bucharest Court of Appeal rejected the arrest request, and the judges decided that the Iranian should be placed under judicial control, under the supervision of the 1st Police Station in the Capital, as he was banned from leaving Romania.

The Romanian magistrates then set a deadline of July 10, the date on which Iran had to submit the extradition request. An address was also issued to the Romanian Immigration Office for a report on the human rights situation in Iran during criminal proceedings and on the situation of prisons in that country.

On Friday, June 19, Gholam Reza Mansouri died after falling from the sixth floor of the Duke Hotel in the Capital, where he stayed, and his death raised questions in the Romanian and Iranian media.

Source: Agerpres

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