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February 26, 2021

PM Orban asks Romanians to beware, be careful, because the virus is still present: Many people let the guard down

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said on Thursday that the increase in the number of novel coronavirus infection cases has nothing to do with the large number of tests processed over the past few days, but rather with the fact that relaxation intervened among the citizens.

The Prime Minister said many Romanians dismissed the measures imposed by authorities also because of some politicians “who ignore the danger, who trivialize the epidemic risk and instigate not to comply with the rules.”

“Many people let the guard down, on the one hand, because it is hard to maintain some rules and take into account some necessary restrictions, on the other hand also because of an irresponsible campaign which has been carried out by political leaders and by representatives of some media institutions and other categories of people and by the attitude of some institutions such as the Ombudsperson, for instance. (…) I ask Romanians to beware, be careful, the virus is still present,” Orban told a broadcast on Digi24 private television station.

The Executive head showed concern not for the increased number of new cases, but for the fact that these new cases are distributed around the country and he asked for an enhanced presence of all structures in the field to verify the observance of the rules.

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