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May 24, 2022

8 industries in focus in the digital transformation process of Publicis Groupe Romania

 Publicis Groupe Romania continues to accelerate the digital transformation process by which it aims to support the development of brands with efficient, data-based solutions. With the new model, the Group comes up with a formula which can bring growth to the brands in the portfolio, offering dedicated know-how and analysis at industry level, a press release issued by the company informs.

Following the evaluation of the client portfolio and the categories in which they are present, the Group determined the industry representative categories: Beer, Finance, Retail, FMCG Food, FMCG non_Food, Oil & Gas, Telecom and Beauty. Thus, the Group provides advice and works in all these categories, developing models of data analysis specific by category. Furthermore, Publicis Groupe offers a unique service in the Romanian market at the moment, for a communication group, analyzing more than 50 types of data for the eight focus categories.


Alexandra Dimitriu, Chief Media Officer, Publicis Groupe Romania:


We are at the convergence between the transformation of marketing and the business environment, and data is the currency of exchange. Data is the new oil – we hear it more and more often. If in the past oil companies ruled the world, in the 21st century we face a new reality – DATA, with an extraordinary potential. Once you understand that information can be extracted from data, you can enjoy an infinite resource. At Publicis Groupe we try to constantly adapt and offer the best solutions to our customers. Thus, we started to think in categories, like consulting firms, and accelerated the DATA@Core process. We already have many dedicated analyses and studies, and by the end of the year we have set out that 30 clients will benefit from the model developed”.

 Among the types of analysis carried out are econometric analyses to identify the impact of each individual environment in the evolution of brand indicators, as well as analyses to identify the ROI of communication activities on each medium or SWOT analyses. In addition, the impact of communication in the evolution of brand and sales results, as well as the optimisation of media investments with the budgets channel allocation.


How does it work?


  1. Investing in media and brand evolution


The statistical analyses carried out by the Group on the main categories in focus show us how investments in media communication are correlated with the evolution of the most important brand indicators.


  1. Investing in media and sales growth


Further, we can forecast the level of average investment needed to generate the increase in the related indicator, so that we can finally increase the consumer base of the analyzed brand to generate and increase sales volumes.


  1. But sales growth comes only from the media?


No, but now we can tell which is the sales growth percetage generated by the communication investment. Through the Media Mix Modeling econometric analyses we are able to isolate the percentage of growth that the investment in communication brings to the sales of the brands analyzed, taking into account all the ecosystem that influences its evolution. Based on the Media Mix Modeling analysis results, we develop scenarios to maximize ROI by taking into account the entire brand universe (not just the budget) – the power of creative message, reputation or strategy for allocating budgets by medium, using all the skills of Publicis Groupe Romania.

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