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September 16, 2021

Enel X Romania launches a simulator for photovoltaic systems

Enel X Romania, part of Enel X, Enel Group’s advanced energy services business line, has launched a simulator for photovoltaic systems, capable of configuring installations with a high degree of customization, based on the information provided in real time via Google Maps app. According to a press release issue by the company, the simulator is designed for companies interested in reducing their electricity consumption and CO2 footprint, by installing a PV system on the roof or on the ground.

“Enel X Romania encourages companies to choose energy efficient solutions, to generate new revenues and support the development of a more sustainable organization. We stand with companies to identify solutions with a high degree of customization, therefore the launch of the simulator is part of our strategy to provide customers with simple and accessible tools, in order to set in place easily new means for reaching energy efficiency and cost reduction”, said Marius Chiriac, Head of Enel X Romania.

The simulator for photovoltaic systems, accessible on the www.enelx.ro website, requires the follow-up of a few simple steps. Interested companies have to fill in the address where they want to install a PV system, then to select, using the satellite images provided by Google Maps, the specific area on which they want to place the photovoltaic panels, then fill in the fields with information about their electricity consumption, based on hourly intervals.

Based on these data, the simulator generates a customized solution that indicates the power of the photovoltaic system that can be installed at the indicated address, what cost reductions would that company make, how much energy could be produced and the annual amount of CO2 emissions offset by the generation of renewable energy.

After obtaining the results of the simulation, companies will be able to request online a complete and detailed offer from Enel X.

The photovoltaic panels systems provided by Enel X Romania are produced by Tier 1 global companies. They are based on two panel technology types, mono and polycrystalline. The available solar panels have a lifespan of 25 years and a 10-year warranty. Enel X specialists provide technical expertise for the strength of the building structure and the roof, in order to establish the feasibility of the project.


According to a press release of the company, the benefits of installing a photovoltaic system for a company are numerous:

  • independence of electricity generation;
  • expanding the degree of flexibility and energy independence;
  • increasing profitability by reducing electricity costs;
  • reducing the impact on the environment by lowering the carbon footprint.

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