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December 7, 2022

HealthMin Tataru: No danger of a state of emergency to be imposed, but if necessary, we’ll extend the state of alert

Minister of Health Nelu Tataru stated on Friday that presently there is no danger of a state of emergency being imposed, but, if necessary, the state of alert will be extended.

“There have been three weeks of constant increase in the number of cases. (…) To the extent that this evolution allows us, we will continue with relaxations, including those restaurants, we had discussions yesterday [e.n. – Thursday], together with Mr. Prime Minister, with those in the hospitality industry, today a working group has been established exactly for those measures and application norms in view of reopening restaurants. (…) If the evolution allows for it, we will have these relaxations, if the evolution does not allow for it, we will not have these relaxations. If it’s necessary, we will have a prolongation of the state of alert. (…) At this moment, we do not have this danger of the state of emergency, we are managing the case count and we are thinking of the evolution until July 15 to see if it’s necessary to extend the state of alert or not,” said Tataru at the Victoria Palace.

The minister also referred to asymptomatic patients, stating that their evaluation is conducted by the attending physician.

“That attending physician also has to assume his decision when he discharges or doesn’t discharge the patient. A discharge on request can be made if the doctor and the patient take responsibility for that discharge. (…) The isolation recommendation must exist, and if the discharged patient takes responsibility for that discharge, knowing he is testing positive, and later an epidemiological inquiry incriminates him, then he fall under the art. 352 of the Penal Code,” the Health Minister warned.

In what regards the secondment of medical staff, Tataru said that in the state of alert it is carried out with the agreement of the employer and the employee.

“All throughout the state of emergency we could conduct the secondment, during the state of alert only with the agreement of the person involved and the employer. If this secondment doesn’t exist, we will adapt by transferring or managing the medical activity where we have this personnel,” said Tataru.

The statements were made after a working meeting of Prime Minister Ludovic Orban with the ministers and head of institutions with control tasks in the context of the COVID-19 crisis.

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