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July 2, 2022

PM Orban: If a deal is reached regarding a set of rules to be assumed by the hospitality industry, we are ready to open restaurants

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban stated on Tuesday that if a deal is made regarding a set of rules that the hospitality industry representatives assume for themselves, the Government has the availability to allow the opening of restaurants.

“If a deal is reached regarding a set of rules that would be assumed also by hospitality industry representatives, we have the availability to open restaurants,” said Orban at private broadcaster B1 TV.

He added that the state authorities cannot control everything, that they also need support from the owners of outdoor restaurants or stores so that the rules be respected and the virus be prevented from spreading.

“Outdoor restaurants owners must inform customers regarding the rules that they need to respect, so that the client knows very clearly the moment he arrives these simple rules. (…) The state authorities can’t be present at each outdoor restaurant, in each restaurant, in each store, on each bus. There is a presence, checks are made, fines are issued, authorizations have been suspended for certain companies that did not observe the rules. The transporter, for example, has to take care, the firms, the management of companies or those that are involved need to stand with us in respecting the rules. It is very hard for us to control everything and it’s not good either to control everything in a company. Let’s be fair, if someone assumes it, it means he wants to control everything that’s happening, in any activity, it means we return to 30 years ago,” the Prime Minister mentioned.

Orban stated on Friday morning that he will have a meeting with the representatives of all institutions with control tasks to establish a strategy, and in the areas where the rules are not respected a firm message will be sent – that any non-compliance with the law is punished.

“It’s very hard for a Government to defend the health and life of people given that Parliament issues regulations that reduce the possibility of authorities to ensure the observance of rules. (…) I won’t tell you of everything the so-called Ombudsman is doing and all that the Constitutional Court [CCR] is doing. It’s now under question if we are able to establish the measure of isolation for a person that comes from an area with increased risk or which was in contact with a diagnosed person. The CCR, also upon notice from the Ombudsman, canceled all the fines issued,” Orban said, according to Agerpres.

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