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December 4, 2022

Justice Day, occasion for the state officials to reiterate the judiciary’s fundamental mission to defend the citizens rights

President Iohannis : Justice has the mission to defend the rights, fundamental freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens

The period experienced by Romania in recent months and the crisis facing the whole world have brought profound changes in our societies, and the protection of the right to life and the right to health has gained new value, President Klaus Iohannis said in the message sent on the occasion of Justice Day, an event celebrated every year on the first Sunday in July

“On the occasion of Justice Day, I congratulate all the staff of the judiciary for their work, especially in the difficult context of the COVID-19 epidemic. The mission of the judiciary is to defend the rights, fundamental freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens. Romania in recent months and the crisis facing the world have brought profound transformations in our societies, and the protection of the right to life and the right to health has gained new value. The last few months have also generated changes that previously were hard to image in the judiciary. The transition to the online environment as a means of resolving disputes or the increase in efficiency for litigants and justice personnel is clear evidence that the use of new technologies and their benefits for the administration of justice must become a rule, not an exception. The new standards reached mean, IN FACT, a more functional democracy, which is why I encourage all actors in the judiciary to resolutely continue their efforts in this direction,” the president said in his message.

He said that we must not forget, however, that behind the Codes of Procedure and material law are the destinies of people, and the values that guide the activity of all those involved in the administration of justice must remain the same: justice, integrity, professionalism, truth, humanity, courage.

“Only by respecting these values, the judiciary contributes to building trust in the state and the law. In recent years, the public agenda has been dominated by repeated attempts to subordinate justice to politics, and all the energy of democratic forces in Romania has focused on stopping such steps. The time has come for all this potential for change and improvement of the judiciary, as a public service, to be exploited in a constructive approach: the need for adequate infrastructure, clear, coherent and predictable legislation, a constant and honest dialogue within the judiciary and building consensus on its priorities are aspects on which there can be no delays. At the same time, the fight against corruption remains a priority, as this scourge hinders economic and social development, affects the consolidation of democracy and must therefore be strongly combated. Zero tolerance for any act of corruption will bring about profound changes and beneficial to the whole society”, Iohannis affirmed, according to Agerpres.


PM Orban: Justice must regain its credibility


Justice must regain its credibility, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said on Sunday in a message sent on Justice Day, showing that it is time for something to change, “so that justice in Romania no longer depends on petty interests or on the political alternation that naturally results from democratic elections.”

“Today, when Romania marks Justice Day, it is a good opportunity to reflect on the recent course of Romanian Justice, especially since 2020 is the last year included in the current strategy for the development of the judiciary. There have been steps forward that must be consolidated, but we must also analyze objectively what has not been done for reasons related to both the judiciary and the political-legislative climate of recent years. Unfortunately, the objectives contained in the strategy have remained largely unfulfilled. In the face of the independence of the judiciary, pressures on some magistrates and political interference in this field have unfortunately altered the act of justice and weakened people’s confidence in the judiciary,” the prime minister said.

He considers that “it is time for something to change, so that justice in Romania no longer depends for any reason on petty interests or on the political alternation resulting naturally from the democratic elections”.

“Citizens have clearly expressed their views in this regard at last year’s referendum on justice laws, and the political class and all decision-makers must take their voices into account. The judiciary must regain its credibility and it is up to all of us – those in the political and institutional environment – to stop any interference from outside it and to ensure compliance with the criteria of independence, impartiality, responsibility and political non-involvement in the field of Justice, as it is natural in any rule of law, ” Orban said.

In this context, the head of the Government announced that the Executive is preparing a legislative initiative aimed at “repairing what others have broken in the laws of Justice”.

”As we promised when we took office, we are preparing a legislative initiative at the Government level to repair what others have broken in the laws of Justice and we will start consultations in this regard. The success of this approach depends, however, on the abandonment of the retrograde agenda of some parliamentary political forces, either voluntarily or through elections. Regarding the Judicial System Development Strategy and the related action plan that will be implemented starting with 2021, we must refer to realistic objectives, which take into account the state we are in now”, he added.

In his opinion, the efforts for things to enter a normal path must also come from within the judicial system, which must no longer allow in any way interferences of any kind in the act of justice.


“Let us no longer have situations in which certain files drag on, so that the law is truly a law for everyone in Romania. At the same time, this means complying with all the European Commission’s recommendations and assuming irreversible adherence to European principles and values. I appreciate the work of all professionals in this field, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, clerks and all other legal professions, I trust that they will act in the supreme spirit of law and justice and I wish them success in their noble mission”, said Ludovic Orban.


Senate Speaker Cazanciuc:  On the Justice Day, I want the law, one for all, to be interpreted and applied as little differently as possible


The honest relationship that the Constitutional Court has defined as loyal cooperation between the powers no longer works at present, said on Sunday the interim president of the Senate, Robert Cazanciuc, who showed, in a message sent by Justice Day, that for Prime Minister Ludovic Orban “the rule of law is just a slogan”.

“Today, the honest relationship that the Constitutional Court has defined as loyal cooperation between the powers no longer works. We have a prime minister for whom the rule of law is just a slogan, a prime minister who attacks the Constitutional Court or the courts when ruling contrary to his political interests. On the Justice Day, I want the law, one for all, to be interpreted and applied as little differently as possible, and when it no longer meets the needs of society to propose its change without living in times when the different opinion vilified”, specified Robert Cazanciuc, former Minister of Justice.

He added that in 2013, when he accepted the invitation to become Minister of Justice, he found a judicial system without resources, a court that shared the courtroom with a local council, another that held its meetings in a former canteen, a tribunal that had 14 judges in office.

Robert Cazanciuc also had a message for those who want to leave the judiciary.

“I would have a special message for those who in full professional maturity want to leave the judiciary: Think about what determined you 20-30 years ago to choose a career as a magistrate, and if you still have the strength to believe in those values do not hurry, Romanians need your presence”, the senator transmitted, according to Agerpres.


JusMin Predoiu:  The year 2021 will inevitably be a year of beginning of great transformations in Justice


Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu said in his message on the Justice Day “a day dedicated to those who serve, through profession and vocation, the truth and justice,  that “much needs to be discussed and debated about our Justice today”.  “Certainly, the coming months will bring the necessary public debate, prior to any decision, on all these issues and challenges of our Justice”.

He added that this is a necessary debate, because “the year 2021 will inevitably be a year of beginning of great transformations in Justice, which will extend over several years”.

“The inevitable evolutions will be imposed as a consequence of the great changes that will operate at the societal, economic, technological, psychological level,” Predoiu added.

“It is already a truism that new technologies have prepared and inexorably impose these changes, the Covid-19 crisis has accelerated many of them. History is accelerating day by day and the rapid course of things will require the transition from bureaucratic, rigid, “tribalized” administrative, economic or business structures, functioning slowly, to flexible, dynamic, fast, “fluid” and transparent in terms of information flow and decision making,” he also said in his message addressed on the Justice Day.

“These transformations will inevitably bring about changes in the management of judicial systems, courts and prosecutor’s offices. For these changes, we must all be prepared to replace the paradigms conceived 10-15 years ago with those that will operate in the next 10-15 years,” Predoiu added.

“Judicial systems around the world will be caught up in these changes and will be called upon to face new challenges, and for this they will have to adapt their tools, whether we are talking about organizational structures and internal regulations, or whether we are talking about procedures on which  the act of justice takes place”.

“Our Justice cannot evade such a phenomenon, because it is an implacable objective,” he underlines in his message.

“The challenges for us are twofold, because there are lags in essential issues, characteristic of the post-accession stage we are concluding, from logistical endowments inappropriate to the act of justice, to legislation and mentalities. “Spinning” in the same circle of sterile problems and actions, of low stakes, characteristic of recent years, is not an option that resists social pressure, which will require an act of justice in accordance with the new rhythms and standards of efficiency that will be imposed in the global society we belong to,” Predoiu’s message also emphasizes.



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