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October 21, 2021

LabMin Alexandru: I don’t understand public sector’s high wage differences for same work, competence

Minister of Labor, Violeta Alexandru, claims the necessity of evaluating performance in administration, showing that she does not understand why there are big wage differences for the same level of labor and the same comparable competence level in the state sector.

“It’s very hard to explain why there is for the same level of labor and the same comparable competence level such a high difference [in wage]. Obviously a discussion about evaluating performance in the administration must exist more seriously than how it’s done today in a formal manner. Meaning the hierarchic boss evaluates you at the end of the year for the performances you reached,” said, on Friday, the Minister of Labor in a press conference at Botosani (northeast Romania).

Alexandru showed that the deficiencies of the current wage system in the budget area are generated by the MPs of the Social Democratic Party (PSD).

“I cannot give you the answer for a thinking of the PSD regarding wages in the public system. This was the thinking, the law and the effects that their thinking generated at a practical level. I am a person oriented to evaluating the performance of those I work with. As you can see, I also have results. I also have a pragmatic approach on the aspects that regard the merits referring to bonuses, to other benefits that someone without performance in the system receives and that’s why I’m uncomfortable in the public system, but I operate in the legal framework that we have now, with a Parliament dominated by the PSD, the PSD which generated this legislation both in pensions and in wages with the optics that they had, without looking at the performance in the system, but only giving and giving for the sake of being popular with the electorate. I am an efficiency-oriented person, thus uncomfortable for the public area,” the minister added, according to Agerpres.


Fairness and the principle of contributiveness must take precedence in pensions’ calculation


Fairness and the principle of contributiveness must take precedence in the way pensions are calculated, Labour Minister Violeta Alexandru said in northeastern Botosani on Friday at a meeting with Botosani businesspersons.

She has provided assurances that pensions will increase from 1 September, but has avoided expressing personal views related to both the percentage increase and how this increase is applied to each category of pensioners.

“I believe that what must take precedence is fairness and the principle of contributiveness. My concern is that between who have worked all their life every day and have a full traineeship and who, for various reasons, have not been able to do so – I do not judge, I do not assume that they did not want – pensions, should not come close, because then one discourages work. If I give you the signal that it will increase the pension of the one who did not work while you worked and, therefore, it is more advantageous to stay and not work than to work, I do not think it is a fair signal for Romanian society,” minister Alexandru said.

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