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August 13, 2022

PM Orban, outraged and shocked over Senate’s decision to postpone debate and vote on the Gov’t isolation and quarantine bill

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said he is outraged and shocked over the Senate’s decision to postpone the debate and approval of the government’s quarantine and isolation bill for Monday.

“Allow me to send a message of outrage and shock over the Senate’s postponing the debate and approval of the law that should provide us with the indispensable tools we need in the fight against the epidemic. Postponing the adoption of the law means a dramatic increase in the risk of infection. (…) I cannot understand why the PSD are digging their heels in, putting sand in our wheels and preventing us from adopting decisions that are vital for defending the Romanians’ health and life. This politically-laden game, this systematic sabotaging of the Romanian authorities in the battle against the epidemic no longer affects only us, it affects the people’s lives and health, and implicitly our ability to effectively fight this epidemic. I am asking them once again: pass this law! The law is not very complicated, it allows the competent authorities to order simple measures in the situation of an epidemic: isolation at home, quarantine, local quarantine. What would have happened in Tandarei, for instance, had we not been able to order quarantine? The virus would have probably spread in the entire Ialomita County and beyond,” Ludovic Orban said on Saturday, according to Agerpres.

The Prime Minister participated on July 11 together with the Ministers of Labor and Internal Affairs in a videoconference meeting with the prefects, the heads of the structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and of the other institutions and authorities responsible for managing the situation generated by the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases.

The Senate’s Law Committee decided on Saturday by a vote of 6 to 2 and three abstentions to act at the request of the Social Democratic Party’s representatives and postpone until Monday the debate on the quarantine and isolation bill.

PSD Senator Robert Cazanciuc requested the postponement in order to study EU relevant practices, mentioning that the version of the regulatory act received from the government lacks consistency and “the citizens are entitled to a law that protects them.”


Prime Minister  pleading with people to steer away from protest rally, not put themselves in danger


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban urged Romanians not to participate in a protest announced on social media for this Sunday in Bucharest’s Victoriei Square, emphasizing that they would be putting themselves in danger while openly acting against the legal regulations.

“I am sure that the Ministry of Internal Affairs is prepared to take all the necessary measures. I urge people not to go out to such rallies which, frankly, do not send out any message, they are just putting themselves in danger and are openly acting against the regulations. Mask-wearing in enclosed spaces is mandatory according to the law, of course, if they are outdoors they cannot be forced to wear a mask. This is a genuine campaign fuelled from several sources, a campaign that is visibly organized and financed, a campaign targeted against the fundamental interests of the Romanian citizens. Health is a man’s most precious asset. My plea with the Romanians is to defend their own health, and the health of their peers and of their loved ones in the first place,” Ludovic Orban said on Saturday upon leaving the headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in reply to a question as to whether the authorities will fine those who urge the public to not wear masks and who announced on social networks a rally on Sunday evening in Victoriei Square.

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