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December 7, 2022

President Iohannis, at reception on the National Day of France: Romania is strongly committed to deepening Partnership with France

President Klaus Iohannis reiterated on Tuesday Romania’s strong commitment to deepening the Partnership with France.

“Built on a shared history, cultural affinities and a deep attachment to the French language, Romanian-French relations have experienced a special development in recent years. They are stimulated by the Strategic Partnership between our countries. Together with President Emmanuel Macron we have strengthened this Partnership by signing the Political Declaration between the two countries in Paris in November 2018. I would like to express, on this occasion, both Romania’s and my strong commitment to further deepen this Partnership, to strengthen its strategic dimension, as well as to identify new opportunities for cooperation on a bilateral level and in our dialogue at the level of the European Union,” said Iohannis, at the reception organized on the occasion of the National Day of France.

At the same time, the president said that Romania, as a “beacon state” of la Francophonie in Central and Eastern Europe, wishes to continue to actively contribute, alongside France, to promoting the values, objectives and raising the global profile of the organization and brought to mind the Romania-France cultural season, showing that “the extraordinary creative effervescence must be capitalized on through new successful projects between our countries, to eloquently demonstrate that the Europe of culture and ideas represents more than a simple desideratum”.

President Iohannis also spoke about the Romanian community in France and the French community in Romania, stressing that they are very active and represent “an even stronger bridge this year, in which the humankind is facing the biggest pandemic in the last hundred years.”

The head of state specified that, together with building a resilient health system at European level, Romania supports, like France, a unitary approach, based on solidarity, of the economic recovery process at Union level, which would effectively combat the negative effects of the pandemic. .

He pointed out that July 14 is “an emblematic date, a symbol for all democratic countries” and conveyed “on behalf of myself and of all Romanians”, wishes of happiness and prosperity to the entire French people.”

President Iohannis said that this year marks the 140th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Romania and France and the centenary of the establishment of the Franco-Romanian Air Navigation Company, the world’s first international passenger airline, which would later on become Air France and TAROM.

He said that France “greatly marked Romania’s destiny as a nation and as a state, through the support offered at crossroads in its history – from the role played in the Union of Romanian Principalities, to the comradeliness between Romanians and French during the First World War, through General Berthelot’s mission, or to France’s contribution to the creation of modern Romania.”


France’s Ambassador Ramis: In Paris and Bucharest, priority was maintaining public health


The priority of the French and Romanian governments, in the context of the SARS-CoV-2 crisis, was to maintain public health, and now is the moment for reconstruction, emphasized, on Tuesday, the French Ambassador, Michele Ramis, in her speech at the reception on the occasion of Bastille Day.

The event at the French Embassy is attended by President Klaus Iohannis and Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, members of Government, the chair of the Chamber of Deputies, Marcel Ciolacu, and the interim chair of the Senate, Robert Cazanciuc.

As in Paris, the small ceremony is sober, bringing homage to health personnel and the victims of the pandemic.

“France is fully mobilized for its economic, ecological, social and solidarity reconstruction,” Michele Ramis emphasized.

In this context, she spoke of the plan to recover the European Union.

“Ahead of this crisis, we expect an ambitious and solidary response on the part of the European Union, for a plan of economic recovery at the height of challenges, in agreement with the Franco-German proposal from which the European Commission was inspired. We hope this plan will be approved rapidly by the 27 states,” the diplomat underlined.

She made reference to the effects of the health crisis in the entire world, saying that both the health crisis and isolation were a shock, because they paralyzed the activity of companies, threatened jobs, have jeopardised free circulation in Europe, closed down universities and schools. At the same time, she expressed France’s solidarity with Romanian authorities and the Romanian nation “who, similarly to the French, have gone through tough or painful moments and had to make difficult and courageous decisions”.

The Ambassador recalled also the Romanians that work in the healthcare system of France, bringing them “special homage”.

Furthermore, in the name of the French people living in Romania, the ambassador expressed her gratitude towards doctors in Romania, who undertook risks and sacrificed their time and their personal or family life for the health of all.

Finally, the Ambassador said that, in the context of the pandemic, there is need for a European system of healthcare.


PM Orban: Partnership between Romania and France is special and has historical roots


The partnership between Romania and France is a “special” one, with “strong historical roots”, stated, on Tuesday, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, at the July 14 reception, at the French Embassy in Bucharest.

“Today, we are proud to have privileged relations, defined by a strategic partnership that we wish to deepen in all domains. In this sense, the roadmap currently being updated should open our relation to other horizons, point it more towards the future,” Orban emphasized.

Orban congratulated his French counterpart, who recently took over his mandate, saying that he hopes he will soon have the opportunity to participate in the signing of this new roadmap together with Jean Castex, who he wishes “good fortune in fulfilling the mandate of Prime Minister of the Government of France”.

The Prime Minister called France “one of the most important economic partners of Romania, one of the most important foreign investors in Romania” and emphasized solidarity at a European level, in the context of the health crisis.

“It’s very clear that our progress cannot be conceived outside the European project, for the development of which both France, and Romania work together. In this context, generated by the coronavirus pandemic, it’s crucial we be capable to act together, be solidary to one another. Our profound attachment towards the European project enlivens our action, which follows the accomplishment of a more cohesive and more efficient union,” Orban emphasized.

“Romania and France recognize the importance of a solid European plan for recovery, inclusive and founded on the concept of solidarity. At the same time, our countries understand the importance of a recovery demarche after the crisis, in accordance with the big economic and social priorities of the Union, on the medium and long-term, which would allow the continuation of convergence efforts inside the European Union,” Orban also said.

Source: Agerpres

Photo: www.presidency.ro

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