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February 9, 2023

Gov’t adopts extension of state of alert by 30 days

The Government on Wednesday adopted an extension of the state of alert by 30 days, considering the increasing number of COVID-19 cases and the number of deaths of persons infected with SARS-CoV-2, Deputy PM Raluca Turcan said at the Victoria Palace, after the extraordinary meeting of the Orban government.

“We have adopted at the Government meeting a decision to extend the state of alert by other 30 days, and this decision is needed because we have an increase in the number of infections and deaths. This extension of the state of alert doesn’t bring new restrictions but, unfortunately, it doesn’t bring new relaxation measures either, as we all wanted in those fields that are still affected,” said Turcan.

She made an appeal to people to observe health protection measures.

“These are not inventions and Romanians, if they watch the public space more carefully, they will see that the same people who urge others to disobey the rules are in fact saying, on one hand, that the virus doesn’t exist, and on the other hand they blame the Government for the increase in the number of infections. This is pure nonsense, and they are just blocking all measures that the Orban government implements in the health field,” said the Deputy PM, according to Agerpres.

“We have the draft to extend the state of alert in Romania and the measures that are applied during it to prevent and combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. (…) Basically, we do not introduce any new restrictions, we keep the same regulations in place,” Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said at the beginning of the government meeting.

Senior emergency management official Raed Arafat said the draft followed the entire legal procedure.

“We have followed the entire legal procedure, we had meetings with the technical-scientific group and, together with the National Centre for Command and Management of Interventions, a note of substantiation, motivation has been drafted about why the alert should be extended and the measures to be implemented, and the draft decision has been approved within CNSU; we are going to submit it to Parliament for final approval,” said Arafat.

He said that the text on isolation and quarantine had been removed from its original form in Annex 3.

The text will be reintroduced after the adoption of a law on isolation and quarantine, Orban said.

“Pending the law being passed, we will have to remove from the annex 3 – the text about isolation and quarantine, and introduce it immediately after the entry into force of the law; we will hold an extraordinary government meeting. There is a certain legal basis in Law 55 Article 5 only that in the ruling of the Constitutional Court there is a reference to the procedures by which the decisions of isolation and quarantine are made. And there is no discussion on this matter. I prefer to wait for the vote on the law, its promulgation by the president, publication in the Official Journal, its entry into force, and we will immediately hold a government meeting to reintroduce to Annex 3 the measure of isolation and quarantine,” said Orban.

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