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February 9, 2023

President Iohannis to attend the extraordinary meeting of the European Council in Brussels

President Klaus Iohannis will participate, on Friday and Saturday, in the extraordinary meeting of the European Council, which will take place in Brussels, informs the Presidential Administration, in a press release.

The meeting will be dedicated to the negotiation of the multiannual budget of the European Union for the period 2021 – 2027 and the European Economic Recovery Plan.

According to the Presidential Administration, President Klaus Iohannis will support the main objectives that Romania has in this negotiation process, acting, at the same time, to reach a final agreement as soon as possible.

Regarding the future budget of the Union, the head of state will reaffirm Romania’s major objective, namely to obtain the most important allocations for the Cohesion Policy and the Common Agricultural Policy, able to ensure the fulfillment of the country’s main development objectives.

As regards the Cohesion Policy, President Klaus Iohannis will advocate for the appropriate allocations, especially for the less developed regions of the European Union, as well as for an enhanced flexibility in absorbing the amounts allocated to this policy.

Regarding the Common Agricultural Policy, the head of state will support the continuation of the process of external convergence of direct payments, so that the amounts granted to Romanian farmers from the Union budget be as close as possible to those in Western European countries.

At the same time, Iohannis will advocate for additional allocations for rural development, given that rural areas require increased long-term investment.

As for the possible introduction of new own resources to finance the Union budget, the president will reiterate that Romania is in favor of any resources that can generate additional revenue to the EU budget, provided there is a clear mechanism to avoid excessive impact on national contributions.

President Iohannis will support the option of a higher share of the grant component compared to loans in the total amounts allocated to the Economic Recovery Plan, in order to ensure the necessary financial resources for the economic recovery process throughout the Union.

Klaus Iohannis will also decide on the implementation of the new economic recovery instrument for a period as long as possible, so that the amounts allocated to Member States can be fully and efficiently absorbed.

“The President of Romania will support that an adequate repayment period for the funds allocated for economic recovery be ensured, in order to allow the implementation of the medium and long-term commitments assumed at the European Union level and at the same time avoiding additional pressures on national budgets,” the Presidential Administration further shows.

Source: Agerpres

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