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May 13, 2021

PM Orban: Gov’t to take all measures to reduce infections as the new quarantine and isolation law enters into force

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said on Monday that as soon as the new quarantine and isolation law enters into force, the government will take all measures to fight the COVID-19 epidemic “effectively” “in the defence of the health and life of Romanians,” specifying that most likely on Tuesday the government will meet to tackle the matter.

“Our goal is to use all the institutional leverages we have at our disposal to manage, control the epidemic and reduce the number of infections. As soon as the law enters into force, we will establish all necessary measures and actions that are allowed under the new law so as to efficiently fight in defence of the health and life of Romanians. We do not want to impose any additional restrictions, we do not want to take any more measures that would have a negative effect on the economy,” said Orban after he and members of his Cabinet attended a ceremony at the Monument of the Air Heroes in the Aviatorilor Square in Bucharest, organised on the occasion of the Romanian Aviation and Air Force Day.

He added that the government will amend its decision on the state of alert in accordance with the provisions of the new law and will prepare from an administrative point of view all the departments involved.

“We will most likely have a government meeting tomorrow morning to amend the government decision on the state of alert, so that we can introduce all the measures that are allowed by law. We are also preparing, from an administrative and managerial point of view, all the relevant departments, whether it is the National Public Health Institute (INSP), the public health directorates, the emergency management inspectorate, the control centre, we are preparing them all to order, at a fast pace, the necessary measures based on the provisions of the law,” said Orban.

He went on to say related to estimates of 1 million COVID-19 cases in Romania in September that there were previous estimates that did not come true, emphasising that the state organisations do their duty and take all possible legal measures.

“There are several forecasts that have been made since the beginning of the epidemic. I remember extremely pessimistic forecasts for Romania, which gave some figures for April-May, which have not been confirmed. As far as we are concerned, we are doing our duty, all the organisations, the authorities, all the organisations under the coordination of the government are doing their duty and taking all the measures that are legally possible,” said Orban when asked about those estimates.

According to the prime minister, authorities have lately intensified their controls in order to secure the observance of the health safety protection rules.

“We are running a communication campaign to convince Romanians to follow the rules. We have had countless discussions with representatives of public and private institutions to request the participation of business leaders, institutions, whether it is the Church or other institutions, to promote compliance with the rules and to make sure the rules are followed, either at companies, or on public transport, or in commercial spaces, or at church services, on any occasion where there is human interaction. The messages we give are if we are responsible, if we take care to protect our health, we will be able to control this epidemic and this epidemic will not have a negative effect on our daily lives,” he said, according to Agerpres.


“I don’t see why submitting a motion of censure, Gov’t has done its job”


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said he saw “no serious grounds” for submitting a motion of censure, which would only be a “political” action, as the Government “has done its job.”

“I don’t see any serious grounds for submitting a motion of censure. The Government that I lead has done its job with devotion, dedication, a spirit of sacrifice. We have been working since dawn till night for months now, which is why it only seems to me that submitting now a motion of censure would only be a political action with negative effects on the democracy in Romania, and especially on the state institutions’ capacity of dealing with the challenges of the epidemic and the economic relaunch,” Orban stated.

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