President Iohannis, after meeting Orban Cabinet members on European funds topic: With 80 billion euro we will be in situation of rebuilding Romania

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Wednesday that the funds worth 80 billion euro obtained from the European Union will be used to reconstruct Romania, pointing out that in this sense a solid, good and applicable plan is necessary.

“It’s a very large sum and with this money we will be in the situation of not only relaunching Romania’s economy, we will be in the situation of reconstructing Romania, so we should intervene in the economy as well as in the large public systems. It’s very, very good news. In order to use this money and not end up in the situation of having them theoretically and not use them, we must make a solid, good and applicable plan,” said the head of state in a statement at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

President Iohannis had a session on the topic of European funds with Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, deputy Prime Minister Raluca Turcan, Minister of Public Finance, Florin Citu, and Minister of European Funds, Marcel Bolos.

The head of state showed that this was not the first meeting with the governmental team on the topic of European funds.

“We had several meetings with the Government on European projects, on European funds,” said Iohannis.

He detailed what the sum obtained for European projects refers to.

“This sum of 80 billion, practically, is composed of two large budget packages. The first package – the largest – is the package that refers to the multiannual budget of the European Union from 2021 to 2027, they’re the European funds and European projects that we had until now. In order to draw this money we need a concept, a national plan. We’ve been working on this plan since the Orban Government is functioning. The plan is as good as finalized, the finishing touches are being put in and the plan will be followed so that it reaches the Commission to be prepared in due time this time so we attract European money. The second budget package of this sum of 80 billion is composed of the package that is destined for the economic relaunch and reinvigoration. It’s a very large package of 34 billion euro for Romania. This money is mainly destined to ameliorate the crisis, for the measures to exit the economic crisis, the measures to reinforce the economy, so that it recovers very quickly after this shock provoked by the pandemic. This money must be consumed very fast,” Iohannis explained.

The head of state emphasized that until October Romania must present to the European Commission the national plan regarding the fund to restart the economy.

“We have also started to work on this plan for some months now. We are continuing and what we have done today, practically, in a very applied discussion with the Government, was to correlate plans so that we use European money in the most effective way possible, meaning to use the money so that it has a major impact on Romania’s economy, on public systems and, finally, on the budget of each Romanian,” President Iohannis concluded, according to Agerpres.


PM Orban: Until July 31 we must define precisely projects eligible for European funds


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban asked ministers that until July 31, under the coordination of the European Funds Minister, Marcel Bolos, to define the type of projects eligible for funds in the European multiannual financial exercise 2021-2027, given that Romania has the guarantee, following the decision of the European Council, of benefiting from 80 billion euro.

“We have the guarantee following the decision of the European Council that Romania will receive 80 billion euro, allotments of the EU 2021-2027 budget, as well as allotments from the Recovery and Resilience facility of Next Generation EU. Furthermore, we benefit from resources from the SURE program, which finances active measures addressed to employees. (…) In order to access these financial resources, which represent a huge opportunity for Romania, we will have to mobilize to the fullest extent. (…) Under the coordination of Mr. Minister Bolos, until July 31 we must define precisely which are the programs and categories of expenses, of beneficiaries, the type of projects eligible in the multiannual financial exercise. On July 31 we launch in public debate and be prepared to start negotiations for the partnership agreement with the EU so that we are prepared, immediately after 2021 starts, to make all the preparation formalities to absorb funds,” said Orban, on Wednesday, during the government sitting.


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