Telekom Romania launches the #FanAfaceriMici campaign, through which it promotes local businesses with the help of Romanians

  • Social network users are invited to promote small businesses using #FanAfaceriMici;
  • Telekom Romania will promote on its socializing pages 20 businesses proposed by Romanians;


Telekom Romania invites Romanians to join forces, so that together we can help small businesses restart their activity.This period marked by uncertainty was very difficult for all businesses, regardless of their size, and local companies were forced to discontinue their business or find new ways to continue, a press release issued by the company informs.

The whole context has helped us to understand, better than ever, the fact that, through joint actions, we manage to overcome any challenge. This is the reason why Telekom not only offers real support to small businesses, through free media campaigns, but also invites and allows all Romanians and companies to take part in these initiatives, showing solidarity and support for the community.

Thus, Telekom Romania continues to keep Romania connected and to support the local business environment together with all Romanians who want to get involved, through the #FanAfaceriMici campaign.

The #FanAfaceriMici campaign is an extension of the initiative to support Romanian businesses, the “Business Continuity” package, which Telekom Romania launched in March, through which it offered with 100% discount, unlimited mobile connectivity, voice and 4G internet, licensed security for devices from Norton Security Online, and to support remote collaboration through audio and / or video conferencing, it offered the Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex solutions.

By joining the #FanAfaceriMici initiative, Romanians can express their desire to support their favorite businesses, because they are their fans, and they find themselves in the spirit promoted by this campaign. #FanAfaceriMici is an initiative that offers Romanians the chance to make a difference, through simple but impactful actions, such as social media posts: buy from them as often as possible and show them the love online.

“We are very proud that even in difficult times we can be a reliable partner for local businesses and we can offer them real support both through products adapted to the context and through the high quality of our network. We believe that large companies should lend a helping hand to small ones and, at the same time, that Romanian people and businesses can support each other, like H2H – Human to Human”, said Ovidiu Ghiman, Chief Commercial Officer Business Segment Telekom Romania.

To join the campaign, social media users are invited to post a photo with the businesses they support using #FanAfaceriMici and tag those companies. At the same time, Romanians will be able to use the stickers or gifs provided by Telekom Romania, using #FanAfaceriMici hashtag. All public posts will enter the contest.

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