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April 17, 2021

IntMin Vela on Border Police Day: You protect the nation, you defend the country

The Romanian Border Police (PFR) is an “elite” institution that represents “the entire essence” of the Ministry of Interior (MAI), Minister Vela stated on Thursday, at the festivity dedicated to the 156th anniversary since the setting up of this institution.

“You, who are here, at the Border, you have a more ample plan, you protect our nation. You go beyond the universe of an individual, the problems of one person or the desires of citizens, and you are the ones who defend our country. And it’s not easy to watch the border day and night, in hot weather or in the cold winter for, no matter if there is a strong wind or a storm, you continue to protect the nation, especially now, when we are confronted with a global crisis, in a time when criminality is increasing day by day and we have to fight smugglers, traffickers, we must stay vigilant and manage the illegal migration phenomenon,” underscored Vela.

He added that the non-European border checkpoints in the north, north-east and south-east are real “challenges” to those who defend them.

“It’s not easy, especially at the northern border, in the north-east or south-west. The non-European borders are not just our territorial limits. These border crossing points are true challenges and you are at war there, defending the law, justice and integrity of Romania. (…) You, the Border Police, are a weapon that, in my opinion, represents the entire essence of the MAI. The destiny, the purpose through which the MAI defends Romania. An elite institution that is so necessary to the Romanian people. I thank you with all my heart for everything that you do, for your sacrifice and daily dedication. I thank you for your patriotism and for the passion you show in managing the border traffic, the tens of thousands of people who are crossing the state borders through the crossing points,” Vela pointed out, according to Agerpres.

In his turn, principal police quaestor Liviu Bute pointed out that the Border Police can be considered as an institutional “landmark” in the organisational architecture of the state, which this institution proved “many times, through the many types of challenges that it has dealt with, and there weren’t just a few.”

According to Bute, as many as 480 groups of migrants were discovered in the first half of the year, more than 100 facilitators, and more than 10,000 persons tried to enter the country through the border with Serbia but were stopped.

Minister Marcel Vela handed over the diploma and the plaque of honour to the chief police officer Cosmin Boldis, the chief of the Nadlac Border Crossing Point, “for devotion and special merits in accomplishing his duties.”

This year, Romania celebrates 156 years since ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza brought together the relevant institutions in Tara Romaneasca and Moldova and founded a modern security system at the country borders.

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