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May 8, 2021

MAE: Romanians may enter Cyprus only on negative COVID-19 test, travel card

Romania’s Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) has reported that the Cypriot authorities have revised the conditions for entry into Cyprus, with the new measures entering into force on Thursday, July 23..

According to the information provided by the Cypriot authorities, MAE says in a press statement that the conditions applicable to citizens entering Cyprus are established according to countries of origin, which are classified into three categories, as follows:


* Category A – Low risk countries at the current stage, which nationals are not required to produce a laboratory COVID-19 negative test certificate;


* Category B – Countries with possibly low risk but greater uncertainty compared to Category A which nationals are required to have undertaken a laboratory test at least 72 hours prior to departure and to possess a certificate showing negative PCR examination for the virus;


* Category C – Increased risk countries compared to categories A and, which nationals are required to hold a certificate showing negative PCR examination for the virus, a travel card and, in some cases, a special permit issued by the Cypriot Ministry of Interior.


MAE says Romania has been included in the category C countries, along with Luxembourg, Montenegro, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Serbia and Sweden.


According to the new measures, access to Cyprus is allowed to citizens coming from category C countries as follows:


*** Cypriot citizens and foreign nationals legally residing in Cyprus may enter on condition that they get a travel card and possess a certificate showing negative PCR examination for the virus;


*** Other categories of persons, coming from countries classified in category C, may enter only on condition that they obtain a special permit issued by the Cypriot Ministry of Interior. Applications will be sent by e-mail to covid19@crmd.moi.gov.cy.


Thus, according to MAE, nationals travelling to Cyprus from Romania who are not part of the category of Cypriot citizens or foreign citizens residing in Cyprus must produce the following upon entry into Cyprus:


– the travel card – flight pass – available on the portal www.cyprusflightpass.gov.cy. Registration must occur 24 hours before the trip. The card entails the electronic completion of a COVID-19 questionnaire and the introduction of flight data;


– a PCR molecular test with a negative result for COVID-19 infection undertaken at least 72 hours before entering Cyprus, attested by a certificate in English;


– the special permit issued by the Ministry of Interior for non-residents.


At the same time, MAE mentions that from July 17, the Cypriot authorities no longer allow tourists to cross the northern part of the island. Romanian nationals s who are in the northern part of the island will not receive permission to cross except for humanitarian cases (death of a family member, medical emergencies), as travel will take place exclusively through the Meteham crossing point.


MAE also reports that the list of countries from which entry into Cyprus is allowed is updated weekly by the Cypriot Ministry of Health, according to epidemiological data from each country.


Romanian nationals can request consular assistance by calling the Romanian Embassy in Nicosia: 00357 22495333, 00357 22517333, with the calls being rerouted to the Centre for Contact and Support of Romanian Citizens to a 24/7 call centre. Romanian nationals facing a difficult, special situation of an emergency nature can call the emergency line of the embassy: 00357 97812277.


MAE recommends visiting the web pages: https://www.mae.ro/node/51906, http://nicosia.mae.ro and http://www.mae.ro/, https: //www.pio. gov.cy/coronavirus/info.html, https://in-cyprus.philenews.com/visitors-from-51-countries-in-groups-ab-and-c-as-from-23-july/, https://www.pio.gov.cy/en/, https://www.pio.gov.cy/coronavirus/en/index.html.

Via Agerpres

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